Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: royal treatment.



  1. Certainly a perfect purple!

  2. Stunning macro, the colors so sweet together and when clicking to enlarge you can see the hair on the stems. It's amazing!

  3. Wow! it's sooo pretty!!!

  4. Gorgeous. I've got climate envy big time!

  5. What a cute flower is that? I like it. Thanks for sharing this one but can you add more information about this. Just quite interested. keep posting!


  6. ~Rebecca @ In The Garden
    ~Poetic Shutterbug
    ~philippine flowers

    Thanks everyone for the visits and comments. The weather here is fairly hot for a couple of days without real rain. We need substantial rainfall to calm the heat down. However what we need may not necessarily be in tune with what weather is willing to give.

    But that orchid plant is living under the shade of a tall papaya plant. If you click on "My vegetable/plants labels" on the right side bar, the whole history of our papaya is mentioned. It is now very tall indeed. The orchid is enjoying the shade.

    The flower buds are from a ground orchid that has been with us for quite some time. Lately, the flowering is almost non stop. One stalk will emerge from time to time replacing the fading flowers.

    The rich purple is so sweet and soothing, and it surely sooth kakdah's mood as she walks along the side of the house or looking out through the kitchen's window.

    Have a nice day.



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