Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bakawali, bud or shoot - week 2

I am still waiting what will eventually happen to the little bud. Is it going to be real bud or a false alarm of shoot. The growth if any is so little for eyes to measure. I do notice more similar buds appearing at other nodes, 5 altogether on the same plant.

Bakawali week 2:  previous observations show that buds tend to be thicker 
and very much cylindrical. Buds tend to hold for a while 
before they slowly elongate as real flower buds.
bakawali week 1
bakawali week 1

Shoot on the other hand has different character, 
at initial stage it's a little bit thinner and grows outward fast.

Other Bakawali week 2: even though shoots appear from nodes too, they grow differently. 
Shoots tend to show real zest, darker colour, shooting out as quick as they can 
as if in a hurry..

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