Sunday, February 23, 2014

Seven red fruits, magical.

We thought seven is just a number, but when we search around we can find 7eleven as neighbourhood 24 hr  convenience stores, Seven or Se7en 1995 American detective psychological thriller film and of course the huge fairytale Snow White and  Seven Dwarfs.

Yesterday both of us peeked through every branches of our two miracle berry plants.  They are all red in colour, ripening. We counted, there were 7 miracle berry fruits.

Plant A

miracle berry fruit 1

miracle berry fruit 2

Plant B

miracle berry fruit 3

miracle berry fruit 4

miracle berry fruit 5

miracle berry fruit 6

the youngest of the seven fruits, 

bangchik and kakdah

seri kembangan


  1. I saw this berry before.

    I can safely concluded that it is edible by now.

  2. Heard about this before. Is it that 'miracle' just wondering?

  3. You have 7 wonders in your garden!

  4. i wonder, where can i get this berry seeds/plant... i'd tried this fruit and i save it seed... but i not manage to get it alive... poor me... any suggestion, where can i get this kind of plant.?

  5. Alhamdulillah ....Wow...dah berbuah pokok ajaib akak....pokok saya baru berbunga....

  6. Very pretty! I'm always impressed at the variety of plants you grow! There must be a story to this one?


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