Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Spinach / Bayam are civilised lots.

We always put too much  spinach seeds. Probably because the seeds are too small and a little pinch already take 20 to 30 seeds.  When they germinate, our hearts warm up to the lovely sight, seeing new lives coming up,  racing up for a little space to breath. We should thin them down to the right amount for a given space. Most of the time, the joy seeing healthy seedlings is so overwhelming, and we let all of them seedlings stay and behave themselves. We can see how they let the healthier ones go up and get bigger but the rest stay low, growing at a slower pace.....  When we harvest the bigger ones, within a week the rest pick up speed and grow higher.

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So in a way, they do manage themselves, wait for their turn and stay as civilised spinach community....

bangchik and kakdah
vegetable garden


  1. I have the same experience with sawi seeds! Spinach is always grasshopper food in my garden....hahahhaa....

    1. Surprisingly not many grasshoppers here. Lately I noticed a few caterpillars on bayam and kunyit leaves..

  2. I've just sowed some seeds (maybe a little too much too! haha!) a few days ago, and now some have already sprouted.
    Your homegrown spinach must be really delicious!

    1. Bayam will make gardeners happy with their fast growth and harvest. Best harvest is when plants about 30 cm....


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