Monday, February 1, 2016

Sorghum grains forming

I am following the development of sorghum closely, since its my first experience growing them. They had come up to the matured stage now, all having heads held high by peduncles, but their grains are at different stage. A few has grains becoming more white, like the colour of sorghum seeds I bought end of last year.  I am expecting full harvest somewhere in March.

Grains becoming more white

still retaining much of the green colour

still young

bangchik and kakdah
garden: presint 8 Putrajaa


  1. Ah, interesting I did not know Sorghum so I looked it up and we call it 'gierst'= millet in English. I know it, because we buy it as bird food. Nice experience to grow this yourself.

    1. From what I read sorghum and millet are two different plants....

  2. Sorghum have developed grains! Nak masak apa nanti? ;)

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