Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Okra and mung beans companionship

Okras were planted  middle of December last year. I purposely planted mung beans alongside, because mung beans are the easiest to grow and will remain healthy till all seed pods turn black.  Okras on the other hand are plants with  tender stems. Over the years I have been growing okras,  they will always surrender to winds and bow to the ground. But somehow when we prop them up, they will continue growing.

I just hope, mung beans will take away some of wind pressure, allowing okras to wobble a bit through wind but remain upright.  It's a bit windy after 5.00pm over here till sunset, i notice one two bend a little bit, but the rest remain steady.

One interesting observation is that whatever insect that finds okra leaves so tasty never touch mung bean leaves.  Mung beans cant distract those insects away from okras . I will try other companions the next planting. For now, I am happy with mung beans taking away a portion of wind pressure and probably do nitrogen fixing to improve the soil too.

Okra's little buds.

Okra's little bud

Okra with ulam raja dry branches as support

Clean mung beans leaves against Okra leaves with holes

Clean mung beans leaves against Okra leaves with holes

bangchik and kakdah
garden: presint 8, putrajaya


  1. Nice arrangement. I always need to support my young Okra seedling. This is good idea! ;)

  2. what a coincidence bang chik, i have a few of okras planted in my veggie patch as well. okra, ulam raja, kangkung and sweetcorn all in one patch. wind quite strong these few days and it slightly effecting my sweetcorns. hope everything is doing well in your garden.


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