Sunday, September 29, 2019

Matoa at Desa Seri Iskandar

This matoa tree has a story of its own. We joined a group tour to Batam Island way back in 2015.  Over a lunch there we were served with matoa fruits as desert. Woalla, such exotic taste!... , I put it as extremely delicious and must have surpassed all other fruits I have tasted before. I collected about 50 seeds and brought back home. Haha...

To my surprise, all seeds germinated. Only two seedlings found their way to my little garden in Seri Iskandar. The rest were distributed as gifts.

Five years later, the two matoa trees reach maturity and for the first time they bloom and put on nice display of fruits.

We will wait for the first harvest in two months time....

matoa flowers 7/9/2019

matoa fruits start appearing 25/9/2019

bangchik and kakdah
desa seri iskandar
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