Sunday, January 31, 2010

A cat eyeing bilbo....





Bilbo was looking at mulberry..., a cat was eyeing intensely from behind.... The cat then just walked away.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

hanging on...



We keep hanging on somehow. Lies hidden inside each of us is the instinct to survive...... The pictures are just some faint indications......


Friday, January 29, 2010

The tiny dangling flower.

Many has written about this plant in Blotanical world. They look so good at full bloom, but equally interesting at slightly earlier stage. They dangle sweetly.....


Thursday, January 28, 2010

They fall and continue growing.



 ulam raja

ulam raja

Earlier post mentioned about strong winds bringing down  marigolds  and  ulam raja.. But they continue to survive in their own ways. Ulam raja doesn't seem to produce roots at the grounded stem, whereas marigolds produce roots at the bent part of the stem. I cut off two branches of marigolds and place them somewhere else to check if propagation can be done that way. After three days of withdrawal, the two cuttings of marigold seem to hang on....  I will do a post  later to highlight their progress.

Putrajaya, Malaysia

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SPEECHLESS: Bilbo scary encounter!


 .............. and he ain't scared ............

~bangchik and kakdah
Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


He must have thought that this must be the prize winning eggplant,
almost the size of Bilbo's head.

Bilbo checking
if chili flower is as hot as the red chili itself.

tropical fern is soft and fun ,
and Bilbo takes a short nap.

 Bilbo checking
Kakdah's hanging plant

The money plant is so welcoming,
circling Bilbo for the most pleasant hug!

Just a little adventure around the house. Haha.... the scarf is still around his neck. I dont want him to miss home badly, so let him hang on to the feel of snow and winter.

~ bangchik and kakdah
Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Monday, January 25, 2010


He just arrived, melting with the heat, beaming with excitement .   Let him rest for a while first, catching up with updates on adventure he has gone through in Sweden with Gittan [WHERE IN THE WORLD IS BILBO: Lund] .  The snow in Sweden should be thinning by now. I am not too sure if Dirt Princess's roses grow well after staying dormant for weeks in  The South [ What's Going On ] .

He must be very brave indeed, coming here to a far away land, on his own without any chaperon.

Putrajaya, Malaysia is just a place to warm him up a little bit.... He had been smiling all day long with infectious smile, almost perpetual. I am now thinking where to begin for the garden walkabout.

the beautiful stamps from Sweden.


thanks Gittan
for the nice letter and seeds

Bilbo is so cute and tiny , happily balancing himself on  Kakdah's palm

Bilbo is checking
how tall  papaya plant really is.

now Bilbo really believes
what Bangchik has been telling about orchids
being exotic and beautiful.

I will soon take Bilbo to the most exiting place in Putrajaya, after he get tired with "my little vegetable garden". So folks, you just get ready for the next post and  the next host.....

~ bangchik and kakdah
Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Bilbo Rules:

#1) COPY & PASTE these rules into your post on Bilbo if you receive him. The post must be titled WHERE IN THE WORLD IS BILBO: (your city). If everyone copies the rules, then the person you send it to will know what to do. If each post is titled the same, we can keep track of Bilbo and follow him on his adventure. PLEASE do not forget to copy and paste these rules into your post if you receive Bilbo.
#2) In order to participate you MUST leave a comment on the post about Bilbo with the blogger that has him. That blogger will draw names from the people who left comments on the post about Bilbo. Once the winner is selected Bilbo will be on his way to see your garden.
#3) When you receive Bilbo please take a photo (or photos) of him in your garden as well as a photo of yourself with Bilbo..
#4) Rules are linked to .. Please leave a comment on The Dirt Princess' page so she can keep track of him and let other bloggers know where Bilbo is, and post where bloggers can see his latest travel.
#5) Please try to get Bilbo out the door as quickly as you possibly can. If at all possible please try not to keep him more than 7 days.
#6)If you have Bilbo at the end of his travels, you will ship him back to the Dirt Princess at
#7) When Bilbo arrives back with the Dirt Princess, there will be a great post letting everyone know where Bilbo has been, when he visited as well as links to the bloggers posts that had Bilbo.
#8) There will be a list enclosed with Bilbo for each blogger to sign once they receive Bilbo. That list will be sent back to the Dirt Princess.
#9) Should anyone have any questions please contact Dirt Princess at
#10) The blogger that is has possession of Bilbo is responsible for shipping him to the next blogger. Please handle him with care. He is ceramic.
#11) Bilbo may be shipped to countries outside the United States. We want everyone to join in on the fun!
#12) If you would like to throw in a little something with Bilbo to ship the next blogger, please feel free. Add to the excitement. See what Bilbo brings you when he arrives at your door step.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

camouflage is the game



Camouflage  is the game of survival. Even the king of the jungle, lions love to hide behind tall grass, almost hidden with camouflage in mind, preying on herds. They surge and sprint at slightest opportunity. These red bugs understand the game of survival too. They stay in my garden for a lot longer because they blend nicely with the surroundings, red on red. Birds won't come around and pick on them.....
These red bugs choose roselles for hideout and  I guess they love roselle juice too. For the moment, I let them stay as garden's guest, unless they get very rough and go on rampaging our little vegetable garden....


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chives flowering again....

Our chives are flowering again. They are sweet and beautiful. I am preparing a new vegetable growing plan, chives are included in it. This flower is taken of the potted chives, tucked between two pots of bamboo  at the front of the house.


Friday, January 22, 2010

I walk to the front, this what I see.

I walk out the front door , this is what I normally see.... pleasing at times. It very much depends on my mood and the surroundings. It is fairly cool and very green with trees already maturing. The picture was taken around 9.00am, neighbours had gone to work, and I had my day off. Therefore the street was a little bit empty and quiet. The neighborhood is nice and friendly.

How's your neighborhood? 

~ bangchik

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tiny little flowers of asin-asin

I have done a similar post last year about this plant. Its the flowers that attract me most, like little cups or saucers dangling. The leaves are edible, normally cooked with coconut milk, prawns and sweet potatoes. The young shoots are very tasty, best fried. The plant, two of them had been with us for quite sometime, regularly trimmed at 5 feet. Trimmed means the cut shoots and branches will end up in Kakdah's cooking pots!.

The flowers are really small and yet so special.
The arrangement is almost perfect!
and that is our asin-asin.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So, are orchids really beautiful?



This isn't the normal orchid we have been seeing at flower show. We have two types, one of yellow colour and this, very much red in colour.
I am still figuring out,
are orchids really beautiful?.


New forest in the making.

A secondary forest.
A real forest in the making.





location: Bangi opposite Warta Supermarket

leave it longer, grandchildren will look these up as jungle and forest.

Putrajaya, Malaysia

Monday, January 18, 2010

Too much to handle for Ulam Raja.


The wind was pushing hard. It was too much for Ulam Raja to handle. A few branches had to go and the way they fell, almost tell us where the wind was coming from!!.. But the fallen branches are growing as usual....

~ bangchik

Water theme of Ampang

A large body of water, once a mining pool, readjusted into a nice looking and decent water theme. Lucky for those living nearby and those staying at the hotel . I stayed there for a night and two days for a function recently.

Many jog around the pool at weekends.

a nice fountain
right in the middle

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