Friday, March 1, 2013

World Kite Festival, Pasir Gudang ~ the antics

It was a hot afternoon, but fun all the way.
23rd February 2013, Pasir Gudang

" You shoot me, I will shoot you! " we both said

a participant from abroad, squeezed in between

a young lady

then she smiled.

the two smiled happily

_______ acrobatic display of 4-wheeler kite handler ________

foto 1

foto 2
foto 3

foto 4

foto 5

foto 6

foto 7
foto 8

foto 9
foto 10

foto 11

foto 13
foto 12

foto 14
foto 15.... Oppsss!

and that was the kite he was handling.

___________BANGCHIK AND KAKDAH___________
p a s i r   g u d a n g
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