Tuesday, June 30, 2009

@@155 Putrajaya Precint 10

I pass this place from time to time, not far away from my home.... They hang pots with beautiful blooms, and I just snapped a few to share here...

Our vegetables flowering a lot sooner.

We dont grow many..., Only 10 plants on the vegetable bed and a few more in clay pot. So they never miss from our scrutiny during morning and evening gardening chore, watering....

But when they start flowering, it suddenly become our focal point and the neighbours too. Nobody else grow vegetable as a no ending adventure in the neighborhood except this "my little vegetable garden".

So our sawi or choy sum or Brassica chinensis var. oleifere is definitely flowering.... yellow little blooms.... A couple of days ago, Kakdah took one plant for her fried meehoon...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bucketful harvest of spinach

Early Sunday Morning, I cut off some spinach which were planted as temporary companions of roselles. A bucketful .... and more to go.... The two sons had been giving signals to their Mom about daily menu has been very much spinach or choy sum or pak choy based .... Now that they are here in the middle of semester break, they should notice Kakdah different menu with vegetable garden within reach!

The vegetables are nice, almost sweet....... an output of organic gardening manoeuvre ! ...

[ bayam hijau ]
in red pail. Soon after they were packed in several clear plastic.
For easy use, kakdah put just enough for a dish in each clear plastic....
Popeye will be envious!

Kakdah showing a saucer of chillies.
Kakdah reminded about not to pick anymore green chillies,
and just wait for them to ripen.
I have to admit that our chillies come in all sort of shapes,
some are very laughable.
Those from the stores are much more uniform
and straight.
But taste is the same,
and ours is a little bit hotter, said Kakdah. Huh!... Phew!...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kaklong's collection of cream to purple

The plants are bougainvilleas, or bunga kertas known among us here. We dont have not even a single plant in our plot at the moment. Kaklong has quite a variety... ranging from creamy yellow to purple.

creamy yellow

creamy yellow

creamy yellow



reddish purple

reddish purple

Veggies behaving in clay pots

Some veggies are in clay pots, and the rest on garden bed.... These are organically treated with poultry manure and covered with oil palm black mulch.... I think I will let one of these to go through the full cycle of blooms and seeds, to get some home made seeds for the next round of veggie growing.... But those on garden bed are showing signs that blooming is looming close.

The rest has to be shortlived into Kakdah's menu!

choy sum [sawi]

pak choy

spinach [bayam]

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A view of Shah Alam

I was in Shah Alam for a few days. I love the view there....

Shah Alam Mosque

Lilies reacting to drizzles

These lilies seem to bloom out after a good rain or drizzle. Is it the rain itself, or the overall cooler temperature after the rain ? ..... It wish to think that it is not due to the rain itself because I have been dutifully simulating rain and drizzle everyday, as I am holding the hose, spraying almost at anything in the plot and lilies never respond to my daily drizzle!!....... Or water from the hose is not as cool as the rain water?

When lilies bloom, they do it in chorus. Every single plant seems to sprout beautiful pink and white flowers..... What a sight, more so because they bloom without much warning ....

even those temporarily placed in pots
join in the blooming fiesta.

gliding down the petals...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Caterpillars and my veggies.

How two caterpillars had a great feast. Two plants were affected, so each caterpillar had a plant to itself.....

It is quite fascinating,
how caterpillars assembled their droppings
in a neat pile
one on top of another
like pyramid.

they do that on purpose to intimidate me?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flooding paddyfield for planting.

Just a brief stop by the roadside, as we got out of the North-South highway through Kuala Kangsar heading towards Gerik. The place is known as Lubuk Merbau. Paddy had been cultivated there all this while. Each time I pass through this area, I will stop for a short while to view things.

The field is flooded for the next planting, and there was a machine, ploughing the soil.

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