Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kubis dalam pasu - CABBAGE IN POTS. Again.

Yes, we had bought more cabbage from the market than what we had grown ourselves .  That is a different story altogether.  Growing vegetables is fun. It is nice to be part of the green world, seeing vegetables growing in front of our own eyes.

It's cabbage now in our little garden. Huh,  It was one weeklong without rain, so Kakdah had to water them regularly.

next cabbage leaves will soon grow inwards to form cabbage head


4 cabbages in pots

After growing cabbage several times, we can roughly guess which stage they in now. Spinach or kale will grow upwards over time. For cabbage, once the stem has grown strong and tough, it will grow inwards to form the cabbage head.

_______________bangchik and kakdah_______________

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