Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More vegetables to add.

Germinating indoor is useful during rainy season, where one can guarantee seeds let out roots and leaves popping up, and not washed away by rains. Seeds are queuing up, taking turn to see the light of day. Roselle, ulam raja, chili centil, lady's fingers, keladi, basil, kangkung and cekur had gone to the ground, doing well so far. Spinach and brinjal are still in germinating trays. Lettuce and cabbage are in bigger pots now.


Quite a coincidence, everytime I set out to grow cabbage, only four manage to survive. Once in Putrajaya home, another in Tanah Merah. As if cabbage seedlings understand that I only have four large shallow pots to keep them. Fresh mixed soil is ready for them and by middle of the year,
 they should be ready for harvest.



These are from the same variety I grew in Tanah Merah. I wasn't as 
ambitious as Tanah Merah days. 
Only 8 lettuce this time.



The last one to germinate, with yellowish leaves.

BRINJAL seedlings, bowing to the sun.

A friend recently mentioned about not having green fingers, and another friend asked about three sisters concept and how to grow markisa from seeds.  I wish to elaborate what is green fingers all about. About growing markisa, a click on the label, will lead to my previous adventure. In fact I have transplanted 4 markisa    brought from Tanah Merah. The four seem to be doing fine. 
The other day, we were discussing about transformation, through rebranding perspective. I am looking at my big backyard, visualisizing changes that will appear, with quickwins, harvests and giveaways. Transformation or rebranding exercise is about planning and seeing it through. My backyard garden is like a lab.  The way forward should be realistic, and as a gardener I appreciate the two limiting factors; time and stamina, as I keep on visualising the eventual look of my little vegetable garden in Johor and as I keep germinating more seeds, and as I keep adding plants to the vegetable bed....

-bangchik and kakdah-
Johor Malaysia

Thursday, December 22, 2011

carpentry work for garden use.

It is all about putting ideas together, and seeing it through. Carpentry work is my other passion. Who need 20,000 dollar equipment set to assemble wood and nail tight for a rough garden table. Just a saw, a hammer, a crowbar, a T-square, a pencil, a measuring tape, nails, and definitely some pieces of wood. The end product may not look commercial like ikea/parkson/giant/court mammoth/house of deco/ version, but it sure is useful to put pots, scoops, garden scissors, fertiliser, pails.... It is a garden bench with trademark bangchik

When I set it out, it will be done in a day..... with lot of nail banging, and ocassionally kakdah had to come out to hold wood, or whatever when my two hands were occupied. She is so used to it, but I wonder what neighbours thought of loud nail banging........ 

garden bench
 The other day, the contractor came to set up iron T posts and cloth lines.
 I persuaded him to get a few wooden pallets from the construction site nearby. 
He drove his van and brought back 5 wooden pallets. 

A sketch, a few hours work, loud nail banging, 
and the carpentry work is ready
wooden pallet is something like this

how i wish it to be known as bangchik's design

garden bench, lower shelf

garden bench

garden bench

garden bench

I manage to get two garden benches ready. 
A little bit rough, but it is alright. 
Kakdah had already mentioned about 
sloping garden rack for her orchids... 
another weekend, 
another carpentry adventure.

bangchik and kakdah
Johor Malaysia

Monday, December 19, 2011

ROSELLE after a month here.

We were told by neighbours that Aziyan and Jalil who previously stayed here  planted so many roselle. They mentioned about juice shared among neighbours.  I suppose soil and weather suit roselle well . Now, how our roselle grow, green with side branches, definitely healthier than Putrajaya and Tanah Merah days.  They get very bushy.

The other day, Kakdah bought a sack of onions. Those with shoots were placed beside roselle. It would not disturb roselle's growth, who knows onions peculiar smell may push some pests away.


Three Right vegetable Bed
Three rows, first is roselle, second reserved for chili centil, and the far right for eggplants/ brinjals or known here as terung.

ROSELLE  11 Dec 2011

ROSELLE 1 Dec 2011

bangchik and kakdah
Pasir Gudang, Johor

Monday, December 5, 2011

Growing Chili centil in Johor.

We brought along fresh chili centil from Tanah Merah..., kakdah took out a few from the refrigerator  for her menu. It's almost a month now, there are still some available. Within the first week upon arrival in Johor, I took out fresh chili centil seeds and germinate the usual way. Soak for an hour or two, then wrap in damp kitchen tissue until they rooted.

It's almost two weeks now. After a month, they will be placed in bigger pots. Serious farmers would normally put one month old seedlings out into the field, but I would rather wait until monsoon is over towards the end of January.

  • Sow:-                               10 Nov 2011
  • Germinate :-                     17 Nov 2011
  • Transfer to bigger pots:-   17 Dec 2011
  • Transplant:-                       17 Jan 2012

Chili Centil seedlings (27 Nov 2011)

Chili Centil seedlings (2 DEC 2011)

Chili Centil seedlings (2 DEC 2012)

A few days ago, responding to Azmi's question where I got chili centil seeds, 
I said I will spare a few seedlings for him.  I am exploring who else is keen in gardening around here, to spearhead another  serious agro adventure in Johor Bahru. Growing chili preferably.....

bangchik and kakdah
Johor Malaysia

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Preparing New Vegetable garden

I thought within the overflowing enthusiasm with no ending spirit of dare to dream, one ought to be cautious about these limiting factors: TIME and STAMINA. I only have  weekends to really go into gardening. After-work is so short, that by the time I moved two or three loads of topsoil, sun has gone down. So, how much I can do with garden work, is very much time dependent. STAMINA is another factor. I have no intention to outsource garden work to deal with the two limiting factors.... in a way very much accepting the current rate of progress. Someone said, the journey up the mountain is long and memorable. Preparing vegetable garden plot is almost like hiking up the tallest mountain.... tough, tiring and yet memorable.

Now is December. I thought the vegetable garden plot is almost there, taking basic shape, enticing creative energy to recreate, reformulate and to keep redefining the eventual look of the whole garden. I would settle for loose overall concept which effectively allows flexibility on the final look.


  • Top Soil           1 lorry load
  • Sand                2 lorry load    
  • Bricks:             500 pieces
  • Compost          30 bags
  • Burnt Soil         30 bags
  • (Tanah Bakar)


  • Wheelbarrow   1
  • Spade              1
  • Straw hat         2 (one for me, one for kakdah)
  • Gloves             2 pairs
  • Watering hose  50 m length 


  • Arrive in Johor:                     5 nov 2011
  • Start garden work:                7 nov 2011
  • Finish garden work:               7 jan 2012
  • Automated watering system : 15 jan 2012


  • Roselle 
  • Ladys Finger
  • Kangkung
  • Ulam Raja
  • Pak Choy
  • hibiscus
  • three sisters
  • clitoria ternatea
  • cili centil
  • cekur
  • keladi tetawi
  • ubi kemili
  • ubi badak
  • ubi itik

Three rows of vegetable bed 80% ready (22 nov 2011)

 the vegetable plot, in a different view (27 November 2011)

vegetable garden plot: another view (30 Nov 2011)

vegetable garden plot: another view (30 Nov 2011)

vegetable garden plot: a bigger view (30 Nov 2011)

vegetable garden plot: a low view.  (30 Nov 2011)
Quite visible, kangkung, tiny lady's fingers and roselle

Lady's fingers and kangkung (27 November 2011)

For the moment it's going to be manual, by watering hose.  We are considering an automated watering system sometime in January when weather starts to get hotter. Our vegetable garden  is designed in grid form to ease shifting to automated system. The target is to get the vegetable beds,  "three sisters" plots, and  flowers corner for kakdah, ready within a month.

  • November:        manual
  • December:        manual
  • January 2012:   automated system.

the other side of the house (27 November 2011)

Lovely sunrise, a good sign to start a day. (30 Nov 2011)

I should have asked materials to be delivered in batches....
 rather than the whole lot. It is disheartening to see
 mountain high heaps of soil and sand. It doesn't seem to get lesser

bangchik and kakdah
little vegetable garden Johor Malaysia

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