Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kinta Riverfront

It's a long journey for rivers, so useful before the birth of automotive industry and definitely before people knew how to construct tar-roads. Rivers were left abandoned for decades, forgotten, became rubbish dump sites in some places. Then people learn how to look after and care for the old Kinta River.

View from 16th floor of Kinta Riverfront Hotel and Suites Ipoh.
I spent a weekend there for this Water Project .

________bangchik and kakdah________

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Harvesting Cabbages - Kakdah posing!

We kept them cabbages for far too long. It was the sight we wish to last forever, layers after layers, crowning the cabbage head at the top, welcoming everyone coming to the house. Four large containers with healthy looking cabbages attracted attention, whoever passing through the street. How we wish the plants to stay longer, but the time was up for the harvest. As usual Kakdah was ever ready to stand in as model,

Cabbage and Kakdah -1

Cabbage and Kakdah - posing -2

The photo session caught our neighbour's attention..!! -3

Kakdah and cabbage -4

Cabbage homegrown, seri kembangan -5

Beautiful display of homegrown cabbage. -6

Finally, what had been sown in March, was harvested in September, through a space of 6 months. One goes to Rose and another to Ila, both neighbour and friend. We keep two.

__________bangchik and kakdah__________
my little vegetable garden
seri kembangan

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Buah Keranji

It was Saturday 13th September 2014. We made a long winding journey towards Muadzam Shah Pahang for a wedding invitation. Wan Afifi, an old friend was giving away her pharmacist daughter. The journey covered 220 km with a big portion going through countryside, green with oil palms.  We agreed departing at 7.30 am but it eventually we took off by 8.30am.  Yop, the eldest son drove all the way....

About 10 km before Muadzam Shah, there were rows of  makeshift stalls by the roadside selling buah keranji - dialium indum or velvet tamarind.  We grabbed two packets at RM5.00 each, and continued to Wan Afifi's place.

Keranji - Dialium indum, the velvet tamarind





Keranji, the inside - soft and fluffy

Keranji, the inside - soft and fluffy

Keranji taste so wonderful,  a sweet version of tamarind..!!

there goes the evergreen pantun,

Sorong papan tarik papan
Buah keranji atas perahu
Suruh makan saya makan
Suruh mengaji saya tak tahu

________________ bangchik and kakdah ________________
my little vegetable garden
seri kembangan
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