Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I will fight and survive said the plant - Celosia argentea

and that would probably be the words uttered by plants and trees over million of years as they live through adverse conditions, heat, cold and storms and  survive for a day longer. It needed just a gust of wind to push the poor celosia argentea down, and the battle cry echoed again and again get up get up get up i will fight.... Within a week, the poor plant exhibited tremendous effort to get up and produce new shoots. It is really a sentimental display of will to survive, by our only celosia argentea at the backyard.

get up -  Celosia argentea

get up -  Celosia argentea

get up -  Celosia argentea

new shoot -  Celosia argentea

One short  burst of  strong wind toppled the poor plant,
and it leashed out THE WILL TO SURVIVE

" I will fight and survive "
said the plant.

Martin Lurther King, Jr.
The ultimate measure of a person is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where they stand in times of challenges and controversy.

_________bangchik and kakdah_________
Pasir Gudang Johor

Friday, January 11, 2013

Raja Zarith Sofiah Awards

It's more than a month since I last did a post.  It's end of the year thing, where curtain had to be closed, and reopened. Work-wise  it's all about closing the year 2012,  and puting down plans for 2013.  Going through the phase is very absorbing, sitting down with associates, charting the timeline, identifying key performance factors, critical strategic projects and everything else within the periphery of  Strategic Plan.

Raja Zarith Sofiah Awards is one very exciting strategic initiative which was launched yesterday 10th of January 2013 at Persada Johor Bharu. The entire concept of RZSA aims to showcase the diverse talents and skills, as well as the creativity and innovation of Malaysians. The RZSA provides a platform for the creatively gifted Malaysians to shine.

DYMM Raja Zarith Sofiah Idris | Facebook

Gardening is still ON.  New plants are growing. I will soon write about gardening the old way, more about excitement of growing them than the bountiful harvest itself (if there is any). As more passion fruits turn red and more and more flowers appearing,  the vine lose its charm. Kids dont turn around in the morning telling kakdah about ripening fruits anymore . I didn't realise how an exciting adventure with passion fruits slowly lose it's prominence, centre of things so to speak. The excitement is fading...

I had tried The  Three Sisters Garden as sustainable gardening concept which waswell tested by the Indians in America for centuries.   Now  is "banana circle".... I will write more about this as I journey along.
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