Thursday, April 30, 2009

Looking back is important too.

Arriving at destination, pushing forward to achieve target, utilising all resources to grab opportunity are things in everybody's mind. What about looking back once in a while... its like checking, monitoring and to ascertain we doing fine...... The same thing to gardening.....

A few photos here on ripples made as we were charging forward.... on Banding trip not on a raft, but on a boat........ the ripples are leaving us or chasing us?

Talk about looking back, I am still thinking what has gone wrong
with my sunflower seeds.....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sweetcorns bathed in silver !

Sunset is visibly clear from the porch. Sunrise on the other hand is at the other side of the house, and the view is hindered by houses and trees. Therefore sunset is more easily snapped by our Sony camera.... rainfield61 did warn us (as comment here sunset at the equator.) about not paying equal attention to sunrise....

I take this opportunity to give updates on our 6 sweetcorns as well.

Sweetcorns are blooming!

Sweetcorns are blooming!

Sweetcorns are blooming!

While Laura was worried about wet weather and delayed planting of sweetcorns, we bath blooming sweetcorns in Silver .....
It would not be long before the corn's fine hairs emerge....

The beach and the waves of Port Dickson.

Yesterday, we went to Port Dickson, 1 1/2 hour drive from Putrajaya. Nothing too important, just a function I have to attend. It has lovely beach, then I thought it would be nice to share a few photos here...... I took the photos on the way back, as we took a breather at the beach. The crowd would obviously be a lot bigger at weekends ....

As always,
whenever there is opportunity,
business will thrive!

These few days, we were abit ambitious, trying to germinate seeds in 100 little pots!!!!!..

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sunset at the equator.

Sunset, different shape and tone, not as dense and silvery as posted last week... but that's sunset for today in Putrajaya, Malaysia just above the equator!! .... Photos were taken around 7.20pm and I post them now at 8.27pm....... Cheers!! .... Across the globe, some are experiencing morning, some at noon and some are sleeping soundly in the middle of the night at this very minute ....

Winged beans at the top!

Our winged beans are growing well....... Now the shoot is at the top!!....

at the top

in the middle

at the base

If we observe well, we should notice that winged beans climb up by going round the pole for support. It goes up through anticlockwise movement if we look from the top...
Is it the same as in other beans?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wild weed roaming free

Passersby may wonder why we let wild weeds roaming free in our little vegetable garden. I love this cute plant because it just grow and grow with no second thought. It flowers very early within a week or two and it keeps flowering... It does self seeding, and now I can see little weeds all over........

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sweetcorns are gripping hard

Roots are like anchors to boats. Our sweetcorns are really standing their ground and they are not about to be nudged easily... Such a powerful roots!!

Our banana is flowering

We have been waiting for this, to see our banana plants flowering. We didn't realize it actually until we saw the red petal falling off on the ground below..... This is the typical wild banana flower... a bit longish. The normal banana flower is a bit bulging in the middle..... We will wait for a while before chopping it off for salad... People dont normally eat wild bananas...... We just use the leaves and soon the flowers..... We call this flower as Jantung Pisang (the heart of banana)

pisang berbunga, jantung pisang

if you want to see how an ant is checking nectar,
you cant click the above photo for
a larger view...
haha... malaysian ant!!

ALICE ANASTASIA did mention about losing her red-leaved banana due the cold winter.... Yes, she may find this posting interesting.... at least to rekindle the sweet memory of her bananas.. Anybody else planting banana?

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