Monday, March 14, 2016

A blue flower appeared one day.

Given the right temperature and moisture, seeds will germinate and grow.  We humans normally will germinate and grow plants and trees of our own choice.  The rest of plants will grow by themselves as self seeding or dispersed by birds, animals, wind and water.

This particular plant appeared behind one banana tree.  It had grown to a considerable size with beautiful light flowers before I notice it. The seed must have been brought there by wind. I love the rich green colour of the leaves, and the soft purple flowers, so I have them spread around the backyard garden, as border.

 bangchik and kakdah
Garden: Putrajaya presint 8

Friday, March 11, 2016

Sorghum circle - for continuous supply and a rare total solar eclipse

I was mentioning about sorghum grown in 3 batches each at an interval of one month, in the previous post.  Weather here is sliding towards wetter period, but it is generally hot with temperature hovering around 90 degree Fahrenheit.  It was a rare total solar eclipse yesterday as the Moon passed between the earth and the sun. It happened as I was driving to the office in the morning, and indeed the feeling was rather eerie....... However the phenomena couldn't bring down the temperature, as it remained hot right to sunset.

First batch of sorghum
Photo 1

Second batch of sorghum with thin mulch
Photo 2

Third batch of sorghum with thin Napier leaves as mulch
Photo 3

Three batches of sorghum, the youngest on the right
Photo 4

3 batches of sorghum, the youngest on the right
Photo 5

It happened as I was driving to the office in the morning around 8.15am

bangchik and kakdah
Garden: Putrajaya presint 8

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Backyard Gardening in Putrajaya - an approach.

It was Tuesday morning, and the sun was bright. I always find morning photos as fresh, sweet and soothing, with long shadow as the sun peeps through the roof  and the trees.  Even plants and grass will look greener. I suppose plants, vegetables, leaves and flowers just woke up from a long sleep. They look fresh as any babies early in the morning. The time was 8.15 am.


Early morning, a view from right corner of the house.

The structural skeleton of our backyard garden is formed by a row of 5 one-year-old Leucaena leucocephla (petai belalang) and a cluster of three banana plants. These two species of plant or tree will stand higher than the rest, providing shade and shelter to smaller vegetables and plants spread out in clusters around the garden.  A bit to the left, which is not visible in this photograph are two papaya plants which are heavy with fruits.


Another view towards the house

Its a view from the cloth lines at the far back of our garden. Right in the centre is our sorghum circle, Its like 3 sisters cluster,  because the three batches are grown at an interval of one month. The approach will allow continuous supply of sorghum grains. 

bangchik and kakdah
Garden: presint 8 Putrajaya

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