Monday, August 12, 2013

Office Plants

I don't plan for office plants. It's just the way things go and twist. I had been out of Putrajaya city center after October 2010 with a year stint in Tanah Merah Kelantan and another 1 year 8 months in Pasir Gudang Johor.  After almost 3 years away, now I am back in Putrajaya.

We cant complain much as we settle down on the 10th floor of  an apartment here. Vegetable gardening will definitely take a new turn without the luxury of space I had been enjoying.  For now I am venturing into OFFICE PLANTS....

To start with lets share what Laura Hampton had in mind.


1. Plants clean the air

Plants have been scientifically proven to remove harmful toxins and VOCs from the air. These toxins are emitted into our environment, particularly our office spaces, by everyday objects and materials such as computers, printers, clothing and even carpets. By turning these toxins into food for themselves and, in turn, emitting oxygen, plants clean the air we breathe.

2. Plants make us healthier

33 million working days and £16 billion are lost through illness at work each year. One of the effects of the cleaner air produced by plants is that we become healthier. The placement of plants in work spaces has been proven to decrease levels of absenteeism due to sickness and minor ailments such as coughing, colds, sneezing and headaches.

3. Plants make us more productive and efficient

By removing harmful toxins from the air, plants help us to keep a clear head, thus making us more productive. The calming effects of plants reduce stress in the office too, meaning we can spend more time and energy on work and less on being stressed.

4. Plants reduce humidity and conserve energy

Plants create their own micro-climate around them as they absorb heat, reducing the amount of air conditioning necessary and thus saving businesses money.

5. Just one plant can make a big difference

Recent research has proven that just one plant can make a huge difference to the productivity, cleanliness of air, stress levels and environment. Everyone feels more appreciated, happier, healthier and more productive when plants are around.

To find out more about the benefits of plants, or to find an interior landscaper who can meet your indoor planting needs, visit

and for now three young bakawali
will form
the focal point of
"my green office"
Bakawali, new office plant.

______ bangchik and kakdah ______

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