Monday, February 15, 2010

An orchid after a year.

An orchid growing in clay pot.

A swan... 
taken from 

The plant has been with us for a year, growing healthily but without sign that it is going to bloom until this week. There is swan like stalks shooting out, with the bud lazily swaying and drooping...... almost like swan head. The stalks are long, about the right proportion of a swan neck. I am trying to imagine the look and the colour when the bud opens up....I visualize that the stalks will straighten up bringing along the  flowers to face the sky. I am guessing the colour of the blooms to be deep reddish purple... Huh.

I don't know the name of the orchid. Is it really an orchid to begin with?...



  1. Dear Bangchik, How intriguing. I do hope that you will be able to show us a photograph when this flowers which, I imagine, will be quite soon now. Apart from the flowers, I think that the strap like leaves are attractive in their own right.

  2. lets see what comes of it

  3. Hello Bangchik, I do believe this is really an orchid. My mom has several in a pot and she calls it ground orchid. The alternate pattern of the leaves, resembles that of the orchid. Yours look healthy! And those buds show promise of a generous bloom! :)

  4. I will be waiting for the verdict. I bought a tiny orchid today inspired by you and my other tropical blogger friends! You must check it out!

  5. I''ve heard these are called wild orchids:)

    Bangchik, I posted some flowers and plants at home. Mai laa tengok:) Actually they just grow wild without attention. Some made it, some did not but I showed the ones that made it:)

  6. Edith Hope
    Ocean Girl

    Of course EDITH HOPE, by the time the swan head looks up and opens to the big sky, I will show it in this blog. Plants in my little vegetable is rather limited, therefore I tend to show them in greater detail at crawling speed and try to be romantic about it... haha.

    You are not the only one CORVEDACOSTA anxiously waiting whats coming out of the little swan head. I bet it is going to be lovely!

    So TES, the way your mom describe it as ground orchid is very much similar to what moms in hometown call it. Over in Perak, the orchid is known as Orkid Pasir translated as Sand Orchid. Thanks Tes for pointing that it really is an orchid!

    It is wonderful how we affect one another about gardening, growing veggies and orchids. Orchids in your place WENDY will bloom bigger and nicer I think...

    But truly OCEAN GIRL (lisa), orchids are all wild once. I have visited your latest post about garden, and I sigh "What a sea of plants!!".

    Putrajaya, Malaysia.

  7. Can't wait to see it bloom. I like the foliage, as well. It is very lush and green!

  8. Bangchik,
    Am also looking forward to your orchid blooming. Your garden is full of delight for those of us reading about it from the other side of the world!

  9. Amy

    The leaves are somewhat like palm leaves just sprouting, AMY and ANDRIA. I will definitely post the bloom, but by the look of it, it is going to be quite a wait. ~bangchik

  10. ..What a lovely swan necks..
    or.. perhaps a lock-nesh monster of putrajaya?

    Do share your secret of blooming your ground orchid? I have been trying for years and they didn't even bulge.

  11. I like your analogy, made even clearer with an actual photo;-) Looking forward to seeing what blooms will appear for you!

  12. My in-laws have swan nest in their backyard each year! They are such beautiful creatures but can be really mean when they have their baby's...

  13. James Missier ... I am figuring out whats the secret of blooming... huh?.. To start with the plant seems to enjoy the shade offered by papaya plant. The potting soil is heavy on sand. Fertilizer is poultry pellet. Watering is two daily... I caress them too, by straightening their lovely leaves... haha. That really make the pretty orchids blush and then they bloom..

    Jan (Thanks For Today)... Thanks, they really look awfully similar. Except, swans can turn their head at will. Orchids cant!

    Skeeter ... Most animals are mean when they have babies. Even cats will snarl!



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