Friday, February 5, 2010

Why tumeric bloom?




Tumeric do produce flowers even though not for propagation purposes. Tumeric continuity over zillion of years is still through rhizomes. The flowers are elaborate, like the crown of pineapples, layers after layers. Not for seeds and not for scent too. I haven't seen bees coming near to suck nectar, if there is any. I guess plants are programmed to produce flowers to brighten up the earth!

~ bangchik


  1. Dear Bangchik, I do so enjoy your little snippets of information from the other side of the world.

  2. How interesting! I have never seen a tumeric plant before even though I use it in cooking!

  3. I think that is reason enough :^)

  4. Plants are programmed to produce flowers to brighten up the earth.

    I am programmed to write something to give you a laugh, just a laugh.

  5. Beautiful thought, Bangchik. :)

  6. ..Look so much like an orchid flower. I hope its not harbouring water inside as it might breed mosquitos.

  7. Bangchik,
    I use tumeric a lot in the kitchen. Never seen the plant let alone the flowers. Really enjoyed this posting.

  8. I'm another one on the list who has cooked with it, but never seen it. Thank you!

  9. The flower certainly adds something to your little vegetable garden though.

  10. I don't know of this plant, Bangchik, though it makes me think of a ginger green shade!

  11. What a beutiful plant! I love the dried ground tumeric - it must be amazing fresh.

  12. Edith Hope
    You are most welcome to view things across the globe. But I can only give snippets without heavy treatment on the subject matter. Mostly are my views and observation as we go on with gardening

    Thanks, and do come and visit this blog for more plants.

    The flower is definitely pretty like crown of pineapples but without thorns. We use them for salad.

    Yes, flowers are beautiful and will sooth many hearts....

    Thanks for the visit and do come again.

    It's good if you are programmed to write something we can laugh at. Life can't be too serious all the time!

    Thanks for the visit, so flowers are here to brighten up the earth, and warm our hearts.

    But somehow, excess water finds its way out. So if health dept. people come and check, they cant find any mosquito larva.

    Randy Emmitt.
    It is true about this blotanical, enabling us to close the gap, the distance and the knowledge. Do come again for more plants.

    Me too. We use carrots regularly but never see it grown.

    It really adds and supports biodiversity in our garden. But when tumeric blooms, it is a sure sign, that the plant is about to go... I will pull them out and save the rhizomes, and replant somewhere else.

    The flower is cool and wet looking, and smell just like tumeric rhizomes and leaves. Ginger has different flower.

    fresh tumeric rhizome and leaves has deep taste and aroma... a lot stronger that dried ground tumeric.

    Thanks everyone, Have a nice day.
    ~bangchik, Putrajaya, Malaysia.


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