Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: A net, torn and abandoned.


~ bangchik


  1. All the spiders are hiding in my area.

  2. A hole in the fabric of the universe?

  3. So sad to see it abandoned after all the work that went into making it.

  4. There is an empty yet surreal look to these.

  5. The spider must have migrated into your house.

    Check it out!!

  6. I wish spiders were out here in Illinois. A bit chilly still for all that.

  7. Thanks everyone. A web is not exactly a home I suppose. It is like a tool to gather food, like us having garden or farm to plant cereals, veggies and fruit trees. Also like fishing net to catch fish, a harpon to shoot at bigger fish.

    I imagine, spiders use web like us using fishing net. Webs too has life span. At a certain point, webs will be abandoned. Spiders will go somewhere else to set a new web to gather food.

    I just wonder how would spider web fare during rainy days. Old looking web as in the picture could easily be spoilt beyond repair due to heavy downpour....... and spider probably look at other ways to get food.

    I am just guessing but some of us may have real knowledge about spiders and their way of living.....H

    Happy Blogging and Gardening,

    ~ Bangchik
    Putrajaya, Malaysia.


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