Sunday, October 3, 2010

Learning tomato varieties.

They were once little seedlings fighting for sunlight and spreading tiny roots in little pots. They are now at three different locations. A group of 4 plants is happy with the whole vegetable to themselves. The second group is squeezed close to the existing trellis of winged beans. Another two is in a large pot.

These are photos of two plants in a large pot. 
The fruits are no really round, a little bit oval, almost plum shaped. They have slight pointed end.
the first tomato to turn orange. It will soon be red.

the ripe tomato, from another view

a cluster of tomato

another cluster of tomato

another cluster of tomato

These come from plants grown on vegetable bed.
another type of tomato, the size is a lot bigger than the first, almost like pumpkins. The fruit doesn't form clusters. The majority is single, and that would naturally helps tomato to grow big.

Tomato: almost like pumpkins

Tomato: a view from the top

Tomato, a close-up

Now I am beginning to pick up terms like heirloom,
hybrid, globe shaped, oval shaped, plum shaped.
The expert can identify the variety with full confidence.
I am not.



  1. Is one of the tomato pictures from the one you grow from supermarkets bought tomatoes?They are so many tomato varieties, I find it difficult to select whenever I browse in the seed catalogues.

  2. You sure have lots of vegetables and flowers in your garden, can I come for a visit?

  3. WOW! Lovely tomatoes. I only know 2 varieties, the supermarket one and the mini cherry-like tomato.

  4. Malay-Kadazan girl ~ I collect seeds from tomato Kakdah bought for cooking. Kakdah describes the variety in her easy way... "yang bujur, yang bulat dan leper sikit"

    Jama ~ We don't have many vegetables and flowers in the real sense. Plants seem to form a long queue to make appearance in the vegetable bed or in pots. Veggie is enough for our small family... do come and see for yourself, and be prepared for disappointment, because it is just a little garden!

    Aaron ~ To tomato sellers in the market or pasar, tomato means tomato. Dont ask them what variety... haha. Carrefour in Putrajaya put up signage about the variety. Hmmm... everytime it says heirloom tomato.

    Happy weekend everyone. ~bangchik

  5. I am envious of those tomatoes that you have growing in your garden! That's a lot!

    Was in Jusco Supermarket in MidValley and I was amazed with the wide range of tomatoes displayed. The different names were displayed too for easy identification. The Jucso there also carries many types of herbs.

  6. Great looking tomatoes you have Bangchik, cant wait for my cherry tomatoes to mature..I find them very slow to grow!

  7. J.C.
    Thanks for the info about jusco displaying tomato varieties. That should help...

    I thought cherry tomato is the fastest. I remembered growing cherry once, they really grow quick, produce many tomato and once they are ripening, plants are declining, dying..

    bangchik and kakdah

  8. Bangchik, thanks drop by at my "tak seberapa" blog - hehe - i'm trying to grow tomato as well but the small one. Yr blog is my reference how to do it..thanks for sharing!

  9. wow, so cute! can't wait for mine to grow!

  10. wancuyan ~ thanks. Of course you can use blog as reference. I am still learning about growing vegetables...

    petite nyonya ~ plants will grow, healthy or not will depend on meeting their needs...

    bangchik and kakdah

  11. I see the word heirloom in many blogs. :) To me, it's either the big one or the cherry tomatoes. Nice to see your tomatoes growing so well. Mine tomato plants don't last long. Wonder how long yours will last...

  12. One ~ i think heirloom is the variety that looks like miniature pumpkin.


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