Tuesday, December 7, 2010

updates on roselle, as they add more leaves

Seven roselle are doing fine in a row enjoying the full sun exposure from morning to evening. They are adding more leaves and gaining a few more inches in height. I can see the stems getting thicker anticipating more weight to be added soon on their lanky legs as more and more leaves appear.

The two extra seedlings need a real site now since since their purpose as standby is over.  The seven roselles on the ground are happy.

the row of seven roselle
(3 days ago) 
The cow grass recently planted with spot turfing approach is still green, indicating that it is going on fine.

the close-up of a roselle plant
(3 days ago)

 roselle 1

roselle 2

roselle 3

roselle 4

roselle 5

roselle 6

roselle 7

the two extra roselle seedlings.
where am I going plant these two?

Taman Kota Harmoni
Tanah Merah, Kelantan MALAYSIA


  1. The roselle looking great! The two seedlings may be given to another host perhaps :) not that I am the perfect candidate, neighbour may be? I am a lousy gardener but a firm believer that joy is always greater when shared... :)

    Tanah merah is far from sea, but being closer to the north has its merit. The plants there once I noticed grew a lot vigorous may be because upnorth isn't so hot. These days I don't know with the changing weather... Enjoy tanah merah and the variety of nasi there.

  2. Really remarkable, I like gardening too but has no time doing it right now..

  3. The roselle are looking great. My wife and I always plant a few extra seedlings just in case some of the first ones planted don't do well. It is winter here but I am looking forward to starting and planting seedlings already.

  4. The roselle looks happier on the ground than on the pots. Those two seedlings, you just give them to me, haha.

  5. ROUGH.ROSA~..... It is cool now as it rains almost everyday, later in the day most of the time. Yes, they take rice even for breakfast here. I will keep the that two roselle for a week and then let them go. At least one neighbour had shown interest.

    gunsirit~.... Looking back, I would say gardening doesn't really take much of our time. An hour a day is more than enough. There are things that we can do at night if daytime is packed like watering, sowing seeds, fertilising for example.

    Mr. J~.... you seem to have imposed resting period during winter. Then gardening is a cyclic thing. Over here, gardening can be non-stop. Good luck to your planning.

    Andrea~.... Yes, roselle spread roots quickly and probably very packed by jow, so the plants has to control growth to survive longer. I wish I could send the two roselle to you... courier service... door to door.

    ~bangchik and kakdah
    Tanah Merah, Kelantan,

  6. Roselles are looking good...and I know you'll find the perfect place for the 2 back ups!!! Sharing them with another is a good idea too.

  7. Theanne and Baron~.... I have to grow enough roselle to produce juice and jam. 7 + 2 is definitely enough. To plant the two back-ups, I really have to revisit the overall plan of the garden and make some adjustment.


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