Saturday, March 26, 2011

blooming friday: IN THE AIR

Pollination is a process by which pollen is transfered from the stamen to the upper tip of the pistil of a flower. Ninety percents of plants requires man, animals, and insects for pollination. For pollination to take place, flowers has to be aerial enough for bees and butterflies to hover, sniff and dive in for the sweet nectar. During such frenzy, pollens are gathered on the legs and get transferred to the pistil, for pollination, a necessary step for fertilization.

 purple orchid.
This beautiful orchid is beautiful,  dancing in the air  but reproduction is not through flowers. Orchid flower is colours of the earth.

 sweetpea flower
 exotic climber

exotic climber

 ubi badak
the vine has reached the top of the trellis
 belalang kunyit
rest for a while on Kakdah's hanging pot.
 clitoria ternatea
with fence as trellis, clitoria exhibit beautiful blue flowers, dancing on a breezy day. The locals will collect clitoria flowers/ bunga telang for nasi kerabu.

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bangchik and kakdah


  1. Your blooms are multiplying very fast. I see many red this time.

  2. Now you have so many beautiful flowers, more of Kak Dah's feminine touch..Did you see my pink balsam, same seeds from Malar but different colour, very surprising! Im waiting for my bunga talang to grow bigger and bloom like yours too, the blue is so amazing!

  3. Love to see the blooms.

  4. Wow! Awesome blooming beauties! Mu1st be a treat to capture them frm behind the lens. Lovely shots

  5. Beautiful stuff, I just love today's photos.

    Remember it is Earth Hour today!

    Tyra @ Tyra’s Garden

  6. I see the sweetpea liking Tanah Merah weather than Putrajaya as it is flowering in your garden now. Bangchik and Kakdah must feel very excited to watch sweetpea blooming with your TLC.

  7. So many beautiful flowers.
    Thanks for sharing

    have a nice weekend

  8. Just beautiful! You really capture the colors well :)

  9. Interesting pictures. Sometimes I forget that flowers have are there to be fertilised. They are not just beautiful things for us to admire!

  10. Lovely photos!

  11. Those shots are so beautiful! I love climbers - they are so generous and require so little space!


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