Friday, October 21, 2011

on the road again....

I do not know what Willie Nelson had in mind as he swung that number on the road again...., strumming, smiling to the masses. It's the same old song, taking the country crowd to the brink of ecstasy.

Willie Nelson - on the road again

I look at the garden again, it has not picked up well...., having gone through many weekends without both of us. It's only weekend that we can spend a little bit more time. Days getting shorter now, sun closing down just after 7pm...... By the time I get home, plants are ready to sleep.  I am tired too..... Something odd happened yesterday. The pump stopped working. Chili plants grieved........ and many came to cheer them up, Hj Hem, Effly, Rockzany, and Adziem. Hj Derani boys came too, crawled over ceiling to check for broken wire. In the end Azwar put a new pump. The plants smiled as their roots were bathed lovingly..... with water and fertiliser.

So Shab was right in J factor..... the mutuality of things, comradeship, about being honest and giving out only the best, and about how things must jive in like jigsaw puzzle.  Jalil was right too about Sun Tzu and the 13 chapters....., and another friend with blue ocean, Kotter's 8 steps putting life on different perspective. But I am still a gardener, having roselle, balsam and ulam raja as friends.

But days are getting lesser..... before I bid farewell to the place, the darling of all places. Tanah Merah.  Sungai Kelantan must have known about my short stay here, as it flows lazily from Pergau to the sea. I wonder what Tokgawa Ne would say, knowing the friendship could develop far deeper. Life is never long, so is my stay in Tanah Merah, Kelantan. Of course I will come back as a much older man.......

Gardening is like going through life on a fast mode, You see births upon births. You see generations in front of you, almost like a civilization of 1000 years in human term. A gardener orchestrates a civilization of plants, bees, butterflies.  But gardener is also a component of the whole thing, a subset of things rather than the overall encompassing master of musical drama. I hope Bob Geldof didn't include Tanah Merah, and the new place I am going to, in his haunting song, I don't like Mondays......

Bob Geldof Boomtown Rats - I dont like mondays
How could I convince Bob Dylan,  rolling stone should not be echoed in all its extreme negativity, as if world is about to end the next day. It's just how things should behave, as the stones roll, as rivers meander, as plants grow and die, to perpetuate what's known as life....... It's earthly. It's short, no permanence. Like a rolling stone should sound as sweet in a positive mood....

Bob Dylan - like a rolling stone

Freddie Mercury -we are the champions
So I will be on the road again. Only, I wont be singing with Willie Nelson happy country mood.  How can I forget the tune of Boomtown Rats, I dont like Mondays, and looking after number one.  Who can beat Freddie Mercury on being extremely dramatic and heroic..... as he kept pointing to the sky in we are the champions, a song sung by millions, and being melancholic as he hummed on Seaside Rendezvous putting chilling message as we stroll along Kelantan river.

I know, I will tell friends here to take the lead what's historically was entrusted on Serdang's UPM. It's alright to take responsibility to the limit in all sincerity, setting up the stage that has been left unattended for decades. Raden can't argue, how can he?

I sincerely hope Singapore in all its modern extravaganza, will accept me as it's neighbour. I have nothing to offer, except for rainbows on my left and green on my right. I will put rainbows in the sky and paint the earth greener. 

So I will be on the road again.......


  1. as soon as I hear those words its stuck in my head the rest of the day

  2. Are you and Kakdah moving? Your post was very musical and philosophical, however I came away feeling I had missed something. I felt there was a sadness...perhaps just my overactive imagination! So happy the pump could be fixed and that you have good friends to help you with things like this. (I used to sing "On the Road Again" whenever Don and I were moving...again!)

  3. cathy@home...
    ~ yeap, it get stuck in the head. It amounts to time and energy on packing. Number of friends to be left behind and amount of memories to be carried forward.

  4. I haven't seen you with that slant aside from greens! It is nice to see your other side of person. What do you mean by you will be on the road again? Are you going on a long trip or another transfer? Isn't it too tiring? I remember i've seen your blog when you are about to leave Putrajaya, and now where to?

  5. Theanne and Baron...
    ~ yeap..., we are moving again. Gardening is also about listening to music, some audible some not. In two weeks time, we should be standing in front of different garden..... not new like here.

    That will be a new adventure...., an attempt to appreciate all efforts before us.

  6. Andrea
    ~ The world is so big...... so moving around should be fun. Sad yes......., no doubt. But harping on sadness will not make us feel better. We can always bring memories along, yea, mental capacity is never full my dear Andrea. It's a transfer.... please dont ask me for how long...... because the answer is not with me.

    Yea, I will tell more about the new place when I get there.... Huh, Kakdah is already planning where to put her orchids..

  7. wiseman once said "love to one, friendship to many and goodwill to all". Yes, u should get back to the road... The question is which road should u choose? I dont think u will be enjoying cruising their road. May be Ebit G. Adi explains best the journey we are having right now in his "berita buat teman". Why Dragon and Pheonix will never be roommates? It's because pheonix with its magical flame will always burn others, but dragon and its pearl of wisdom will always help others.

  8. the name was Abiet G Ade, I suppose. He's not my generation anyway. Ha ha. Wink! wink!

  9. faudzi
    ~ It doesn't matter too much which road, highway, river or ocean we take. We have shared many, and we must share again and again.... That's how life goes..... so within such short span, it's the number of people we help that matters.

    Living with many around, then comradeship, strong bonds, shared vision are important to stay sane and alive. But we got to move on.... with focused minds.

    Phoenix or Dragon?... I am still a keen gardener, growing more than needed, trying hard to give plants, butterflies and bees, a shared space to live. On vegetables, most end up in neighbours kitchen, we consume just a little.


  10. yes, i do agree... Its the impact that count. Life is too short... so, waste it wisely. There is a fine line between herb garden and chilli farm... In herb garden u can see plants, butterflies and bees share a common environment and space to live happily. On the other hand, in chilli farm u can only see chilli plants around u... If u're not chilli u will not be accepted. However, herb garden and chilli farm share a common vision; ensuring people have something to eat.

    Ps: kadang2 sedih jugak tengok pekerja2 ladang cili bunuh rama2 & burung2 kerana takut cilinya akan dimakan dan pendapatan bosnya akan berkurangan.

  11. Are you moving to JB? Good luck on your move.


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