Tuesday, October 11, 2011

orchid and wedding.

Kakdah loves her orchids so much. I can almost guarantee which side she will turn first as she opens the front door. It's invariably to the LEFT side, where her orchid house is. Her smile is widest when an orchid let out stalk with buds, and she will run to hold them...

It's second time for this orchid. Kakdah reacted the same as we arrived after long absence. I thought blogging about orchids once in a while should make Kakdah happy. In fact she keeps reminding me to write something about orchid, a subject I am not too familiar with.  But orchids serve many important occasion in life.

Wedding, one of them.

Kakdah's Orchid flowering

A friend Amir had been very busy for weeks, getting everything ready for his daughter's wedding. Huh.., wedding is a memorable window to unknownland.... where understanding and love seem to rule. A journey, where love may unknowingly meander around the main pathway , and fluctuate in a sinusoidal mode. It must be decades since I last used that term sinusoidal describing a sine wave with repetitive oscillations.

Mind is acting funny as we get older, where one minute we can recall clearly what's taught 35 years ago like sinusoidal pattern, the next minute we can't figure out where the car key is . They said as we grow older the short term memory is not doing well. But I would rather compare mental capacity to a water tank.......When it's full, additional water will overflow, not retained. Our children may argue, saying we only use a fraction of memory/brain cells....., the bigger fraction left idle.

The wedding was held at Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur Ballroom.......... on the 9th of October. I think the young couple loves that date 9.10.11 so much. Call it magic number or angka keramat, call it feng shui, the number definitely is a sign of life getting better progressively.

the view from 9th floor of Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur, using hp camera.

Khair was there with his wife. Yusof was there too..... Two old friends, from previous era, where bachelorhood is a transitional interface, before one decides to shift to a different phase called marriage. Both era completes LIFE. Then we laughed at each other, checking who got more gray hair. Mat and Hajar were as cheerful as ever, Asmara and Sulong turned up in identical dress or sedondon in Malay Language, and somehow Shab and wife could easily be tagged as the youngest couple of our era... judging by the hair.

There we were, enjoying the night, celebrating Liyana and Suhaimi's marriage..., escorting Amir and Cindy (the parents) to real adulthood. To make the festive air more memorable, Dato Sabree played excellent lead  guitar work, creating such nostalgic atmosphere with new and old numbers to the end.......

Life is as beautiful as an orchid 
may God bless Liyana + Suhaimi and their future..

bangchik and kakdah


  1. Ameen.

    Wow Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful city.

  2. Oceangirl...
    Blissful future to them.
    ... KL is indeed beautiful minus jam and smokes.....

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  4. Orchids and a wedding. Good luck to them!! I'd like to have plants all over at my ceremony! I'm thinking outdoors!

  5. Rohrerbot....
    Ceremony outside with plants, flowers, fresh air, should fun. Definitely memorable.

  6. beautiful orchid ~ happiness for the newly wedded couple ~ interesting city

  7. The Orchid bloom is pretty!
    Congratulation to the newly married couple!
    I feel you and Kak dah look young enough too! ;)

  8. Theanne and Baron
    ~ yeap.., blissful marriage.

    ~ we are forever young.. :)

  9. I am sorry Kakdah, i am not fond of Dendrobium flowers, they seem so ordinary for someone who likes Vanda and other species except Dendrobium, LOL. Bangchik - i like your connotation of memory capacity to a water tank, i will use it too. Then i will tell you the story told by my former landlady, now 78. When i asked her how she is now, she said: Decades ago she always go to weddings as godparent, then a bit later go to hospitals to visit some friends, now she is amazed that she is now often going to interments, eulogical rites, etc. Hahaha!

  10. Andrea....
    Yea..., how life moves on.... everything happens within 100 year span. We are going to see all. But it shouldn't stop us from being happy to the end....

  11. Cantik orkid Kakdah. Selamat Pengantin Baru. Lama tak makan nasi kenduri kahwin ;-).

  12. Malay-Kadazan girl
    - Kakdah suka sunguh dengan orkid. Dia pun heran kenapa Bangchik suka tanam sayur, makan tak banyak mana pun.
    Diana kena kerap balik Malaysia, rehat2 sambil makan kenduri!!


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