Monday, May 7, 2012

Reduce weight with vegetables and fruits

I am no dietician. Just a blogger-gardener, who love to maintain a neat vegetable garden at the back of the house, and share beautiful moments with Kakdah as we turn leaves, pull weeds and spread fertiliser.  There are intermittent social offerings, in the form of fresh vegetables to neighbours.

2. So what's this reducing weight all about. Some food we take, will result in fat deposited in all corners of our body. Belly will end up as pot belly. The worst that could happen is fat deposited along the veins making it difficult for blood articulation throughout the body, and as a result forcing the heart to pump harder. Heart can get tired too, and will fail without warning .

3. Most vegetables and fruits are low in fat and calories. They also provide source of fibre which is good for digestion. Most contain minerals, vitamins and antioxidants which make us look good and protect from disease. I don't grow many vegetables and fruits, but enough for Kakdah to take a few steps and pick something for lunch everyday. These are currently growing at the backyard garden.

ulam raja
sambung nyawa/ gynura precumbens
bunga kantan

natural colouring
bunga telang ~ blue
kunyit / tumeric ~ yellow
roselle ~ red

kailan/ kale
kubis/ cabbage

halia / ginger
bendi / okra
terung / brinjal
kucai / chives
serai / lemon grass

drinks, juice and jam
markisa / passion fruit

natural sweetener
buah ajaib / miracle berry

4. By growing fruits and vegetables at the backyard garden, we can guarantee  it would be quite safe, without overdose of pesticides .  We don't really need acres,  a little plot is enough for chili, kale, roselle, okra etc. Some may wish to resort to container gardening, which is the only alternative for apartment dwellers.

5. I have been waiting to see the first markisa (passion fruit). Three of them are climbing the spare cloth lines at the back of the house. I can see flowers now....  These will not see the light of day without Azura who had given us a ripe passion fruit last year and insisted us to grow them. I will not forget another blogger friend who had regularly updating her markisa progress.......

bunga markisa / passion fruit flower

bunga markisa / passion fruit flower

soon there will be markisa / passion fruit juice!

bangchik and kakdah
pasir gudang, johor


  1. a lovely post, I no longer eat meat...having given my digestive tract over to vegetables and fruit! I'm always impressed with your garden and it's ability to provide nourishing food for you and Kakdah!

    1. Generally I will eat whatever kakdah had prepared, and now vegetable and fruits feature well in her menu!

  2. Gardening itself provides nutrition to the soul (I can imagine) and fruits and vegetables from your own garden give not just nutrition to the family but precious love.

    1. nutrition to the soul...., to a point you are right. When it's my turn to do watering, i really have to be sure all her potted plants are well watered. It is good to see Kakdah with youthful smiles... haha.

  3. I didn't know Sambung Nyawa plant can be eaten as salad.
    I thought it was a herb and to be boiled and drank.

  4. Starting from a little over a year ago my husband and I have converted to the "flexitarian" diet - short form for semi-vegetarianism or however you want to call it. We've noticed a huge difference in well-being, overall energy and oddly enough, even a difference in our palates as I just can't stomach overly sweet foods and desserts anymore. We indulge in chicken, pork or beef on rare occasions, but we still enjoy eating fish that is baked or cooked on the grill!

    1. in a way, vegetables and fruits just grow and wait to be taken, as compared to chickens, sheep and cattle which require some energy and force to get them down.

  5. That's alot of vegetables in your garden! KakDah must be very happy to pluck them everyday for cooking. No need to go 'pasar' hahahhaa...
    The passionfruit flowers are so huge! I never seen them expect pictures....

    1. Malar... pasar kena pergi jugak, at least to sooth the eyes!! passionfruit flowers are exquisite, three levels!

  6. Gardening itself provides nutrition to the soul (I can imagine) and fruits and vegetables from your own garden give not just nutrition to the family but precious love.

    Woodies Garden Centre

  7. Those passion flowers are so gorgeous. I always think they look fake - manmade.

    1. yeah wendy, they almost look plastic! the flower is very elaborate and expressive.

  8. Your edible garden sounds and looks delicious. I am very envious of all you can grow - I do manage to grow small quantities some of those in the summer in the UK - usually ginger, lemon grass, kale, cabbage, tomato, chili,chives. sometimes a passion fruit,basil,Also garlic, many herbs, salad leaves, cucumber, courgette, apples, pears, blackberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries
    Best wishes

    1. Thanks Maureen.., I in fact would to grow more, only time is against me. I will try cucumber soon!

  9. We can eat green vegetables and calorie less things in our weight loss programs; we should drink much water as it is calorie free.


  10. anna.... definitely, lot of water!

  11. would love to visit ur garden uncle chik and auntie dah. adam (12 years old)


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