Wednesday, May 16, 2012

passionate about passion fruit or markisa

I am beginning to fall in love with markisa. It is a sweet love, a definite love at first sight. First at seeing how the vines change leaves after the initial set, then the way the plants climb and get tendrils do the work for extra support and recently the flowers. To be in love is wanting to know more.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kelantan:  It started last year in Kelantan , when Azura gave a ripe passion fruit. The seeds were scooped out and germinated straight away. I think about hundred little seedlings appeared. I planted a few along the fence of our former Tanah Merah house. Then Razali got interested and took home a few. When we moved to Johor late last year, I had no choice but to take along a few seedlings still in polybags and quickly get them planted. The trellis is in the form of spare cloth lines. Little fruits begin to appear with our vines but Razali's far ahead.

markisa: a picture sent by Razali

Razali sent markisa and mulberry pictures recently, all doing nicely around his house. I reminded him about the origin of his markisa, that it wouldn't be around his place, if Azura didn't gave a ripe fruit last year. I didn't mentioned to him that the fruit was originally from the garden of Azura's mother.

Johor:  It's a rare opportunity to have markisa growing at the backyard. I am not too much into the eventual fruits, but to know a little bit more about the vine. It's fascinating to see how the first few leaves  stayed single, then much later developed into 3 lobes. Tendril is another interesting element in passionfruit vine.  Two fruits are forming, and they seem to growing quite fast!

markisa, passion fruit: the first baby

markisa flower: looking down

markisa flower: looking up

...........b a n g c h i k      a n d      k a k d a h ..........
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  1. And they produce lovely flowers! You're so lucky :-)

  2. The flower is very elaborate, 3 levels or three tiers. I found out that not all flowers will open up in full, some remain half open. Some flowers will drop off without eventual fruit. There are 5 passionfruits hanging right now, and Kakdah is checking everyday!

  3. so interesting to learn about this plant!

    1. I just know a little.... i hope to know more before our passionfruit vine get old and die.

  4. WOW!! Very interesting i love it..
    Thank you for post..

    Garden Centre Bridgwater

  5. I love seeing the fruits of markisa dangling from the plant. My niece's school has several plants and I am always drawn to stop by for a visit whenever I go to pick her up from school.

    Oh, I have just found out that you and Kak Dah have moved to Johor.
    Hope you enjoy growing a new garden in the new place.

  6. Yeap, nice to fruits dangling.. I am trying to figure out when ours are ready to be plucked. Ya.., ya... we have moved to Johor. Not bad a place, somehow weather is cooler here, rains almost every other day, and very windy. Kakdah noticed her orchids bloom better here with brighter colour and bigger flowers.

  7. Salam...
    Got your link from

    Nice reading your posting on passion fruits. I have the plant too but recently due to bad weather part of the trellis collapsed. I just hope that we can still taste the fruit later.

    BTW, which part of Pasir Gudang are you staying now? ;)

    1. Climbing plants are quite adaptable. They will keep climbing, so not to worry about collapsed trellis. Slightly out of Pasir Gudang town towards Felda Cahaya Baru is where I stay. You stay in Pasir Gudang too?

  8. Ooo.. mine has started flowering and some has fruits! I was told that I had to "inseminate" the flowers to get fruits and that is true. So, I had to use a brush.

    I am waiting for the fruits to be ready and taste it!

    1. Flower brushing, a technique I never tried. Hope your markisa swell and ripen soon.

  9. all the while i thought passion fruits are imported from overseas and i've seen many people growing this plant around my neighborhood but i didn't know they were actually passion fruit!!!


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