Thursday, April 10, 2014

a rare special treat.

Life is funny. Kids are happy in the most deprived homes and other kids are equally happy in better off homes. And  there would be people, living through difficult lives finding no joy till the end. I thought happiness is always about  NOW. The past stays as memory, the future is a mental projection.

The post today is about Kangkung, a simple plant. It can grow happily in a clogged dirty drain, and it can also grow well in neat rows in the most immaculate vegetable plot.  I grow them in pots...... special pots. I don't know, but I have tried to give kangkung a rare special treat, a nice home, a happy home, a well decorated pot........

______________K A N G K U N G______________

Any story has it's beginning. The plants were germinated on the 8th of February 2014,  Within the next two days, little white roots appeared.

Kangkung 10th of February 2014.
- A seed germinating in little plastic pot

Kangkung 22nd of February 2014
 - growing in two larger
 decorated pots

Kangkung 8th of April 2014  - had gone through several harvest
"cut and come again technique"

Our kangkung had gone through several harvests, and they keep springing back and be ready for the next harvest. They had been with us for two months. We hope kangkung will stay happy for another week before the final pull out harvest. Other seedlings are waiting for their turn. 

It's a rare special treat. 
What kangkung had offered to us and what we had done to them. 
A reciprocal treat.

__________bangchik and kakdah__________
my little vegetable garden


  1. kat rumah tanm atas tanah je..semai batang berakar yg beli nk makan..
    tp kucing suka kencing..

    1. Ada tanah, tanam atas tanah..... tak ada tanah, tanam dalam pasu..... janji dapat petik kangkung. Bab kucing tu yang meletihkan..........

  2. Hi Bangchik
    It has been awhile since I last stop by. I love eating kangkung, and have bought some seeds to grow them again. Especially now with the rainy season, which hopefully will continue, is especially good for growing kangkung.

    1. kangkung is easy to grow especially during rainy season.

  3. Cool blog, I like your writing style :)

    How do you eat this plant? Like salad? I had never seen Kangkung before..

    1. We dont eat kangkung raw..... Boil it, fry it..... that's the way most consume kangkung....

  4. Your Kangkung was nicely grown, looking great!

  5. seronok bjupe dgn blog bangchik. very informative and useful.
    bangchik ade gune baja ape2 x? bhajat jugak nk tanam kangkung ni. 1st time sy bace org tanam dlm kangkung. sesuai utk sy.

    1. Thanks azura wahid.... kangkung boleh tumbuh meliar dalam longkang, tentu dalam pasu pun boleh, sebaris dengan orkid, dan bunga2an... haha.

  6. Wah your Kangkung so nice! My poor Kangkung are currently under attack by a battalion of sap-sucking insects ... I make my own compost too, etc, so I definitely won't be using chemical pesticides - any suggestion on how to get rid of these insects/keep their numbers as low as possible? I tried lemongrass, lemon and mint, and Sabah snake grass solution.



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