Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sorghum, I am counting.


There are 3 types of sorghum, namely grain sorghum, sweet sorghum and broom corn. I am currently growing grain sorghum which will produce tall panicles. The first trial was with 20 plants. They are doing well right now.  Fourteen of  them had heads towering high. The rest are queueing, within a week all heads will appear.

The next stage is to keep watering when weather is hot, and wait for plants to dry up for harvest.  From far sorghums look very much like corns, except for flower and grains appear at the top, nothing in between leaves.

Sorghum grains 

Two rows of sorghum

bangchik and kakdah
Garden: Presint 8, Putrajaya


  1. The plants look pretty ornamental as well in the garden.

    1. Yes...., we have them in a packed row..., its ornamental beauty can be enhanced by growing them in a circle, i think.


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