Friday, September 16, 2016

leucaena growing healthily after pruning

People like plants for various reasons.  Not all plants are for consumption ending up on dinner plate. Some plants are grown for sheer beauty, for shade,  for colour, for exquisite flowers. Kakdah (my other half)  wonders what's so special about leucaena, that I reserve quite a space for them.

They grow so fast, reaching a height of about 10 feet in a year. That's the main reason I grow them. I need plants or trees that fill the higher space, giving shade to the ground. Creepers, okra, pandan, lemongrass cannot do that, because they are designed to fill lower space. Rambutan, and mango trees may take 5 years to reach that height.

I love leucaena because the leaves are small. When they fall, there is no need to sweep. the dead leaves will blend with the lawn and decompose over time.  Its nice to have them around to fill up the upper storey of garden space and with small sparse leaves, vegetables underneath can still enjoy sunbathing!.

I pruned once a few months back. Leucaena demonstrated the best regrowth I ever seen.

Leucaena: Young leaves

Leucaena: Older leaves

Leucaena: leaves view from below

Leucaena: a row of leucaena

bangchik and kakdah
Putrajaya Garden

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