Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pisang Tanduk, first harvest.

It started with five banana seedlings of pisang tanduk variety middle of last year, two died, and the other three survived to maturity. One plant with little banana fruits got blown down by strong wind  a month back . The other two manage to stay upright and finally bear lovely fruits. The bananas are big and long, eight altogether in a comb.  Kakdah gave a few to neighbour and friends.

BANANA:  Pisang tanduk variety.
 Four left, the rest are given away. 10th sep 2016

BANANA Pisang Tanduk variety

PISANG TANDUK 13 July 2016
PISANG TANDUK 13 July 2016

PISANG TANDUK 16 August 2016

PISANG TANDUK 30 August 2016
PISANG TANDUK 30 August 2016

PISANG TANDUK 10 September 2016, yellowish colour
is a sure sign of ripeness.

Pisang tanduk is best cooked as fried fritters
or locally known as goreng pisang.

bangchik and kakdah
Putrajaya backyard garden


  1. Buat kerepek pisang sedap,
    goreng pun sedap.

  2. Pleasant harvest, I love bananas but we have yellow ones here, bangchik and kakdah.

  3. Pisang tanduk is huge right? Wow! Never eaten them before! How does it taste?

    1. its huge alright , not to the size of buffalo horns. It tastes good... :)

  4. That's so cool! We're hoping to have a vegetable garden to share next year.

  5. Hello friend, please advise from where can I buy the seedlings of pisang Tanduk in Malaysia. I am from India and on a brief visit. Thank you.


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