Wednesday, September 21, 2016

fungi feasting on old tree trunk

There was this huge pokok payung indonesia  (Hura Crepitans)  on the right side of our house.  I remembered having to sweep and collect old leaves everyday which was very good for compost pile. The tree was chopped down, when the Putrajaya Holdings decided that it had grown too tall and too big for safety reasons.  

A year later, the decaying tree stump plays host to the world of fungi, plants and other living creatures.

 fungi - kulat 1

fungi - kulat 2
new growth

 fungi - kulat 3

 fungi - kulat 4

fungi - kulat 5

 fungi - kulat 6

 fungi - kulat 7

fungi - kulat 8

fungi - kulat 9

fungi - kulat 10

fungi - kulat 11
ulam raja coexists with fungi on old tree trunk
 Fungi has a world of itself.  Since fungi cannot make its food from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide as plants do, they must take in food from other organism. Decaying trees are the most common place to look for fungi.

bangchik and kakdah
Putrajaya Backyard Garden


  1. If they are edible, how happy you are,,,hehe

  2. Beautiful fungi, on some of the photos they look like bowls. They are nice to watch and photograph. We have a Catalpa tree in our garden with the same kind of fungi, such a pity, because the fungi makes sure that the tree is decaying and I don´t want to miss that tree.

    1. Yes, there are cases when fungi feast on injured part of trees causing the tree to deteriorate further and die eventually. In our case, its a straight forward natural occurrence of decaying stump being soothed by fungi. Its like mourning, a grief over death.

  3. That's a lot of fungus on a single chopped tree!


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