Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sunset at the equator.

Sunset, different shape and tone, not as dense and silvery as posted last week... but that's sunset for today in Putrajaya, Malaysia just above the equator!! .... Photos were taken around 7.20pm and I post them now at 8.27pm....... Cheers!! .... Across the globe, some are experiencing morning, some at noon and some are sleeping soundly in the middle of the night at this very minute ....


  1. Most of us talk much about sunset, but not sunrise. That's the weakness of us.

  2. > Rainfield.... you are right to a point... yes like mourning over deaths and rejoicing over newborns... I dont know, it would probably be too early and busy with the morning chores to step aside and witness the beauty of daybreak!... I may just snap sunrise the next time... why not!!...

    > Dirt Princess... the beauty of sunset is so fluid that it changes every second and we only have the camera to freeze each moment...

    cheers, ~

  3. My son has always been a big fan of sunsets. Yesterday he began his new job as a wildlands firefighter. I think he will have the opportunity to take some great photos, perhaps of sunsets.

  4. Kim and Victoria

    Oh.., Good luck to his new job as wildlands firefighter... I am sure he will take a lot of photos on sunsets, wildlife, and fires too... But our view on sunset is from the porch...


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