Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some chilies are really awkward

Since chilies are hanging down, by virtue of gravity, they should be straight or about straight.
But some choose to defy gravity... and distort their growth.

the red thing is celosia flower,
not some weird chili!

Looks may be deceiving.... but
taste remains the same
as any other straight down chilies.
always hot!!!!!

ptrj 113112/7/2009


  1. Interesting shapes - don't think we'd get them growing here though! Not hot enough.

  2. What fun shapes but as you say the taste will be the same.

  3. > The Galloping Gardener
    > Joanne

    Interesting and fun shapes, but scarry at the same time. Some resemble letters or characters of certain langguage, if I join them up, some word may appear... Oh, that will be scarry!!

    Have a nice weekend The Galloping Gardener and Joanne,
    ~ bangchik and kakdah

  4. It's nice to come across shapes as weird as these. Interesting!

  5. I have taken pictures on Chili Padi, but kept them in the hard disk. How can I show you all, they are so hot even for a look.

    (look like it rained at Putrajaya as well).

  6. Seronoknyer tengok taman sayur. It is a reflection of healthy living and blessed farmers. An inspiration too. I must say nak cuba juga, walaupun sikit. Takut jadi hangat-hangat tahi ayam.

    Enjoying your farm garden, thank you for sharing. For starters, what would you recommend? Chillie plants in flower pots?

  7. > Kanak Hagjer
    > rainfield61
    When shapes are weird, I am more inclined to say that something is not very right with the plant.... Imbalance in the fruit cell or something, calcium deficiency or something... But they still give away chilies, awakward but hot as always.

    Rainnie..., haha.. cili padi hot even to look at.., that calls for a HOT POST from you !!

    ~ bangchik

  8. > Ocean Girl
    Thanks for the visit.... Ocean?.. hmmm its either someone living next to the ocean or someone who happens to be a major shareholder in Ocean supermarket...

    Chili plants in pots will be good to start with.. only one in a pot, otherwise they squeeze each other until everyone of them become so thin.... so kurus. Give it a try.

    ~ bangchik

  9. Dare I say they are doing some contortionist movements - curling and twistng away?? ha! Ha!
    I tend to agree, something is lacking for their awkward shapes.

  10. > Keats The Sunshine Girl

    Houdini has fans all over with his contortion antics even among plants ..... Thanks keats,
    ~ bangchik

  11. Ha's fun watching your chillies perform some contortionist acts! Cool chillies! Yet, hot in taste!

  12. > J.C.

    Each chili perfected their own contortionist act!!.. HOT ACT!! haha.



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