Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Miracle Berry / Pokok Ajaib: the first fruit.

Miracle berry or pokok buah ajaib is quite a craze in some part of the country these few years. Nurseries sell these plants like hot cakes. We joined in the craze. Two plants in large pots, three in the ground by the roadside and a few more still in polybags. Kakdah has plans on the extra plants, as giveaways whenever we get back to the hometown.

Pokok buah ajaib is fairly straightforward. Tough stems, and every part of the plant is ready to grow and all the while, the plant maintain its rigidity. Then one day I noticed little flowers hanging down the stems and branches. They do look like bunga tanjung ( Mimusops Elengi) which is also from the same family  Sapotaceae.  Since I had climbed pokok tanjung trees in childhood days for the ripe fruits, I guess Pokok Tanjung must be the closest cousin of miracle berry, judging by the leaves, the flowers and the berries.

Now I am waiting for the first fruit to ripen....

the first miracle berry
(buah ajaib pertama)

bangchik and kakdah
my little vegetable garden


  1. Beautiful tree, I wonder if grown from seed they would be a candidate for Miniature tree in the Bonsai method. I think this would be a nice addition to my collection.

  2. I love it whenever I discover a new plant at my local nursery. Which reminds me that I have not been there lately. I may have to schedule a visit to see what new plant introductions they may have. I look forward to updates on your Miracle Berry plants.

  3. Bangchik, I'm so excited to see fruit when ready! Your plants have grown so quickly and so beautifully...your "little vegetable garden" is doing quite nicely!

  4. Would like to see their flowers Bangchik, are they like bunga tanjung too since they are in the same family..I must also look for this miracle fruit in Sg Buloh to take home!

  5. And it is happening right in front of our own very eyes.

  6. Very true! It's very hard to get single plant from nursery! I have been hunting for it since the first time you introduce it!

  7. This is wonderful news. I am still waiting for my plant to flower! All I see are new shoots growing, this is good too, as I just bought the plant last month!

  8. The plant grow very fast. Got to remind my mom to buy this plant so I can taste the fruit when I return back to tanahair.

  9. salam bangchik,
    i love to look at your little vegetable garden. they are truly beautiful. I've never heard of pokok ajaib before, can't wait to see what's the outcome.

    I'm inspired to start my own veg patch. I plan to have an organic patch,but before going anywhere in the planting world, is it possible for you to share some tips on choosing soil and fertilizer in order to get a great harvest?

    By the way, there's a pantun for you.

    buah cempedak diluar pagar,
    ambil galah tolong jolokkan, saya budak baru belajar, kalau salah tolong tunjukkan.

    pecah kaca pecah gelas,sudah bace harap balas ye bangchik..

    3B(budak baru belajar)

  10. Im pretty sure that the miracle berry brings a lot of sweetness to the tongue.

  11. Doc: It must have been decades since i did bonsai with bougainvillea. thanks, you are giving me ideas with miracle berry.

    Noelle: Updates will include those in large pots and three planted in the ground outside the fence...

    Theanne: yeah, now little vegetable garden is almost at the brink of becoming a big vegetable garden... :)

    P3chandan: So small, the flowers. Not even half an inch.... I will show in the updates soon.

    aishah: yes, with plants they just keep growing with or without us.


  12. Malar: Keep looking malar.... Both of us discussed about putting up garden stall in Putrajaya sometime in August for a weekend.... If everything goes well, you can get that from Kakdah at the stall.... :)

    kitchen flavours: Wait a while longer, they will flower and give you fruits...

    Malay-Kadazan girl: great idea, so that will be another pull factor for you to come home...

    shiqsy: haha... I am not too good with pantun..
    buah ajaib buah manis
    rasa satu, pasti habis
    tanam pokok, ada petuanya
    faham fe'el, layan kehendaknya.

    I have been doing organic gardening for more than three years. Organic fertilisers are easily available from agriculture shops. A bag 50kg poultry pellets costs 50 ringgit or so. Any soil in the garden should be alright as a medium for plants to grow and anchor themselves. You may have to add sand, peatsoil, cocopeat, and fertiliser to make it better, well drained and fertile. Plants need sunlight to do photosynthesis, so they have to be well exposed.

    So these are initial tips for your vegetable patch..... GOODLUCK!!

    James: The sweetness lasts for hours!

    ~bangchik and kakdah
    Tanah Merah, Kelantan

  13. what are the berries for, Ubat?

    About ten year ago, people were planting Noni.

  14. ~ Ann.....
    The berries are very sweet which last for hours in the mouth. It is said that after taking miracle berry, one can finish kilos of the most sour plums.... It should help diabetics to enjoy life.

  15. Here in Melaka at pertanian Argo .. They hv a lot of this pokok ajaib


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