Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting serious on container gardening.

New round and shallow pots
RM 60.00 purchase of 6 medium size 
and 3 small ceramic pots. 
Gardening soils are leaning against the wall.

Older pots
Little seedlings in the old ceramic pots. 
The pot on the right  will require some thinning soon...

Kakdah agrees to the idea  to explore more on container gardening. We end up purchasing 6 medium size and 3 small size containers or ceramic pots. With gardening soils, the purchase totaled RM60.00.  We already have a few bought last year..., but getting more pots offers bigger freedom in vegetable gardening.  Vegetables are so pampered that  any change in weather will weaken them somehow. So container gardening get round the changing weather... We can always bring them in if storm is coming!! and away from the scorching heat if it is too excessive....

Grasshoppers which love  veggies so much, live among the grasses and little bushes, 
and having containers closer to the house or at the porch with adequate sunlight 
can more or less gurantee pest free greens. That's what we intend to do... But we still grow veggies on vegetable bed, to continue the experiential learning.

~ bangchik
Putrajaya, Malaysia.


  1. It is wonderful that you grow your own veggies. And what a great idea with the containers which allow you to be flexible in moving them around to suit your needs.

  2. Such a pleasure for you to visit me and I love your blog. I love these containers and the fact that you can easily move them as the requirements change. You have a fascinating blog. Enjoy your day.

  3. This is a wonderful post, I am thinking of adding some containers this year, also for veggies. :)

  4. Container gardening is fun. You bought some pretty ones!

  5. Container gardening is fun. The vegetables might need a bit more care then in the garden beet, because the soil in the pots dries out quicker and they might also need more organic fertilizer. It is all a challenge. We plant Strawberries in big containers and they do well, with the help of lots of water and organic fertilizer. We, the vegetable gardener and I do not spray any insecticides.
    He also planted Potatoes in the pots, we got potatoes but it was not a great success. It is always a challenge the vegetable growing in the subtropics, where we live. I am sure you are successful with your pots as you are very dedicated. Good on you, as we say in Australia. Have a nice week.

  6. Looks like you are ready to start planting. Like you said...container gardening does have some advantages. Look forward to future posts about your veggies in the containers.

  7. Those are nice looking pots. I do have some herbs in pots and they grow very well.

    thanks for the visit

  8. ..Those tomato plants look so healthy & green.
    It must be your green fingers. I had tried but not so successful.

  9. I have no choice. I can just do container gardening in my home. I have been using this kind of container to sow seeds as well. Happy sowing seeds and container gardening Bangchik and Kakdah!

  10. this is very helpful tips for me as window sills are the only space i have as a!

    have you ever heard of mixing banana to newly planted seed/plant? sort of added vitamins to it.someone told me about it but haven't tried it yet?

    eng of salitype society

    eng of salitype

  11. Oh, is that the reason plants in pots are nicer and healthier.

    Bangchik, please come back and look at one big ulat I found in my garden that I hope you'll never bump into in your garden. Pictures under post Blank, just one before the slideshow.

  12. Nice idea. I'm actually going to try growing corn in containers this year. I found a variety that does well in pots.

  13. Thanks everyone, both new and old friends for the visits and encouraging comments.

    Some do container gardening as the only choice to get into serious gardening as Steph pointed out. I cant imagine those staying in beautiful condo, apartment without even a stretch of soil.

    It is fun when containers offer such flexibility. We experiment on them to find the best spot for a particular plant. We can even take them in and put blanket around them in freezing winter and bath them in scorching heat.

    To go away over weekends, some can be send to friends to look after temporarily.

    I will give a try, eng .. feed them with banana.

    We can play around with the arrangement and give a touch of creativity to make the house the garden receptive to what we want and need...

    And corns in containers as pointed out by Kim and Victoria is just an example of the kind of flexibility container gardening can offer...

    Lisa of Ocean Girl, is it ulat or ular?... that was a mighty one!

    Thanks everyone.
    have a great day!
    Putrajaya, Malaysia

  14. Oh I forgot to mention earlier but you might have experience it already. I find that these pots doesn't drain well if they are just place on the ground like that. I place some rocks below the container to lift up the container a little higher than the ground. This way, the holes don't get stuck and when there is a heavy downpour, water drains out faster below and would 'flood' the plants above.

    Happy gardening!

  15. Yep, containers are getting to be popular around here with all the GIANT pests, like elk and deer. Keeps stuff safe.
    Good luck

  16. Stephanie ... Thanks steph. That's a good piece of reminder!

    Rosey ... my worry is the little pests, like grasshoppers, slugs and snails.. The damage is the same. Love to see elephants, kangaroo and deers coming to my garden... haha.



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