Monday, March 6, 2017

Moringa towering over everything else.

Moringa is a fast growing tree.   In October 2016, its height was 20 feet, now its well over 30 feet.  Visible in the pictures, are a few moringa fruits or sometime called drumsticks dangling in the air.  We had picked  a few drumsticks at the lower branches  for curry adds on. 

The tree isn't  two year old yet,  but it towers over everything else in our garden and lawn under its shade, is getting a lot greener.

Pic 1:  Moringa drumsticks dangling

Pic 2:  Moringa drumsticks dangling

Pic 3:  Moringa trunk and branches. Lawn is greener.

Pic 4:   Even the leaves are beautiful

______bangchik and kakdah______


  1. I started growing one last year and it is a fast growing tree. I have nibbled on a few leaves out in the garden, but probably need to find more uses for the leaves as they are supposedly so good for you. Do you add them to salads or use them for cooking? I have heard the young seed pods can be eaten like peas - is that how you use them?

  2. I have tried adding moringa leaves in omelette, the taste is quite good. Young seed pods can be used to make curry preferably adding pigeon peas as well.


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