Monday, October 5, 2009

The rain, and veggies on bed

dirt get caught on leaves

This is the place where two papaya plants used to be. For a quick replacement, I  put two rows of green vegetables. They enjoy more sunlight and rainfall, and during hot days, the soil dry up quicker than in containers. So vegetables has to undergo whatever changes there is. Heat and Rain!....... They look quite hardy for soft green vegetables. I am trying to understand why harvest in gardens and farms are fairly poor during raining season. There could be host of reasons. The most notable one is that the rain really splash dirt all over, and some get caught on the leaves.... We get cleaned up after a good shower in the bathroom, but vegetables get very dirty after a good rainfall.... and that would probably be the most damaging factor for vegetables on garden beds not to do so well....

~bangchik and kakdah
Putrajaya, MALAYSIA.


  1. Apart from splashing dirt heavy rain can cause damage to soft delicate plants. Damage and dirt cannot be good for the poor things!

  2. Too much water suffocates the plant's roots. Also, wet leaves are more prone to disease.

  3. I notice too that whenever the weather is wet and cloudy, there is a higher tendency for plants to have diseases or pests attacks.

  4. Your greens look very healthy to me. I bought from the market, the vendor from Cameron Highlands, he put in a "million" seeds in a small container, he told me to put about 5 seedlings at one spot. I don't think my will grow very well. The weather turned very cold.

  5. Inconsistent rain fall and sudden change of temperature will make my garden look bad especially when the sun suddenly gets really hot or it suddenly gets cloudy for a few days with rain fall non stop. It is nice to see your vegetables are growing steadily and healthily. Have a great Monday!

  6. Nice to meet you.

    I was going to paste the link without permission because I had very felt the interest for your blog.

    Please link me with the blog if it is good.


  7. I'm envious you can grow vegetables in the fall! We'll have frost here soon and the garden is definitely slowing down.

    We have a lot of slugs here, and they sure like it cool and wet. It's amazing how fast they can chew a young plant down to the ground. Diseases are a problem here too when the soil is too wet. It stresses the plants when not enough oxygen can get to the roots. Sometimes we have problems with the roots rotting when soil stays wet for too long. I didn't lose any vegetables that way this year, but a couple of begonias rotted from too much rain.


    Thanks for your comments, and it surely add to my limited knowledge. My way of gardening is really about common sense, putting myself into plants shoes [haha.. they don't have shoes, but roots and shoots]. I have never been introduced into gardening the formal way, attending classes, having certificate of competence or anything like that.... I am a crude gardener... haha. Trying, trying, trying and learning through success and failure!!

    If I can summarize your comments and suggestions, Too wet and too much rain will lead to:

    1. dirt get to the leaves
    2. heavy rain damage the delicate and soft plants.
    3. wet leaves are prone to diseases
    4. Saturated soil suffocate the roots
    5. Rapid change of weather and soil moisture hurt the plants
    6. Wet for too long, may rot the roots
    7. Slugs and pests love the cool environment and hurt the plants later.

    Thanks folks.

    To Hiro, by all means, link this blog. haha... the garden is definitely ours [bangchik and kakdah], but this blog is for everybody to read, share, communicate and have it linked!!!.. I dont mind at all Hiro. Will visit yours soon...

    CHEERS, Lets share tips and experiences in gardening!!
    Putrajaya Malaysia.

  9. Even with the dirt on the leaves your plants look very hearty and healthy. The rains may cause damage to the plant from too much water.

  10. Bangchik,
    I never had the " too much rain" problem
    I get the opposite. But I can personally attest that houseplants die from too much water, so I can see how lots of rain outside could be hazardous to a plants health. I thought your plants looked very healthy, I bet they will flourish under your care.

  11. I have a few baby papaya plants for the replacement. I have missed mine after I have chopped down the old tree.

  12. Your little papayas look good after the rain. I don't think I have much to add to the reasons for not picking veggies in the rain. They all said it for me. Love your garden, Bangchik.


    There bound to be problem when conditions are extreme; long stretched draught, heavy rains for days, sandstorms etc.. Plants simply buckle and die most of the time... Knowing these then gardener should react accordingly and probably plan planting, so that adverse climatic condition is avoided. Good luck to Rainnie for his baby papayas...


  14. did you try mulching? the plants wont get dirty then? im just suggesting.

    im still thinking bout the water clogging the roots, i wonder what could be done about that.some sort of a way to let the water run under the plants, elevating your beds maybe?

    good luck, show us some more pics!


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