Friday, October 2, 2009

The flowering little weeds

Wild weeds
tamed and domesticated for almost 2 years now..

I try giving them some shape by pruning,
and they don't seem to mind or feel hurt,
and just keep growing
and flowering
non stop.

this last shot was taken by Adik, our youngest son.
He quickly drew in the lense
while pressing the shutter to give such explosive look.
Oh well.., at his age, the speed of mind
and fingers is an advantage.

Kakdah's Mom came to our place last month. She toured around our little garden. She rushed towards these little flowers and asked "you really keep these?".... Understandably, these are weeds easily found anywhere and has no market value. But we treasure these weeds, as any other exotic plants!! They are so independent, requiring minimal care, and never cry for attention!

Dont ask the name. I don't know. 
They are our purplish little wild weeds.


  1. Congrat's on all of your many Blotanical awards! You've always got something interesting going on in your garden! Thanks for sharing so much with us;-)

  2. Great photos!
    Your son's photo makes my head spin, hehe.

  3. Love your garden and these flowering weeds I think are beautiful.

  4. I have an area in my garden where I encourage some beautiful "weeds" to grow. I love the way in which you featured this adorable one.

  5. There are weeds that I love and grow, too. Like the milkweed that play exclusive host to the Monarch butterfly caterpillar, and that smell so pretty every summer. I think sometimes we're too picky about what's a flower and what's a weed. They were all wildflowers once, before mankind decided to cultivate them.

  6. This pretty wildflower is worth keeping. In the city we are living in a concrete jungle and we are so busy that quite often we don't even have time to stop and look at them.

  7. When we like them, we'll keep them. Oh the other way, we'll curse why it keeps coming back after endless clearing.


  8. It's truly a wonderful thing to find others who enjoy (some of) the "weeds" that grow around their homes and gardens... there are so many beautiful and interesting "wild" plants...I have to admit though some can be pests and very invasive...that's why gardening is so much much's very elemental!

  9. Wonderful little blue blooms! Looks like a type of Vernonia. I like Adik's shot :-) Have a great weekend!

    oh, btw I am sure this comment will appear as this 'post a comment' box appeared right away. I think my line was bad earlier.

    Congrats again!

  10. One mans weed is another mans blossom... I like the plant you posted, I would keep it too. Like that you added a photo done by your son. Very Cute.

  11. weeds or not, they sure is a beauty! and as you say, they dont need attention and they give you those lovely purple flowers!


    On the awards, thanks again.

    On the wild weeds, yes flowering plants were once wild weeds before man decide to keep them as pets in the garden. The standard is always about, plants are of commercial value and worth planting if they are sold at the nurseries.

    We can also decide for ourselves what's worth growing and be part of our own gardens... wild weeds seem to be much stronger than the standards... they care less about attention!... On reseeding, they are unbeatable!!

    Until these wild weeds become standard item at the nurseries, there will a lot of raised eyebrows wondering why on earth we keep these in the garden....

    Cheers, I still love the purple flowering wild weeds....

    Putrajaya, Malaysia

  13. They say that a weed is just a plant in the wrong place. So on that theme, it can't be a weed afterall. It's very pretty.

  14. So pretty - I don't think I'd be able to pull those out either, since they're my favorite color. My kids also love to do photography - especially with the digital camera - they have so much fun trying the different settings.

  15. Weed or not, it's got beautiful little blossoms. Reminds me a bit of ageratums. Congrats B&K, on your Blotanical awards ;)

  16. Attractive weeds in the right place can creat real interest in the garden, and I have observed that the pollinating insects love them too!

  17. Your weeds are really very attractive. I'd keep them too. They can take just about anything and keep on growing and blooming. Good plant to have around.


    Again, about the awards, thank you very much...

    I tried to google on Vernonia as suggested by Stephanie and Ageratums by Lynn... They are similar to those as far as color and shape of flower is concerned.. but leaves, somewhat different.

    I think the closest is Vernonia cinerea.... in wikipedia.

    Thanks... don't pull out weeds yet before you scrutinize their beauty, zest for life and helps they can offer being companions to other treasured veggies and flowering plants and little peaceful insects...

    Putrajaya Malaysia


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