Saturday, January 30, 2010

hanging on...



We keep hanging on somehow. Lies hidden inside each of us is the instinct to survive...... The pictures are just some faint indications......



  1. Dear Bangchik, Interesting ideas and thoughts are contained in these images. I very much look forward to hearing in due course more about your 'home vegetable gardening'. Have a very happy weekend.

  2. We all have that instinct Bangchik ... animals and plants. Some have to call on it more than others... some most unjustly! Ceramic, wood and metal ... then the lock and key... quite profound you are today... this is what working in the garden does to us... cultivates deep thoughts. Great post in its simplicity! ;>)

  3. Lies are used to cover another, hoping to hang on further.

  4. Lovely images provoking thoughts.

  5. Very profound, indeed, Bangchik. Something to ponder over the weekend. Hank

  6. Don't drop the key, or you have to climb through the fence.

  7. Edith Hope
    Rebecca @ In The Garden
    Hank Moorlag

    Thanks to your sweet and encouraging comments. Of course these images has nothing to do with gardening. These are important to me because every time I open the door to my garden, I have to see these images in real. The first two are our wind gadgets... faithfully signalling to us in their lovely tune, how is the wind outside. I always open up the door and hang the key that way, until I get back to the house.

    If these images stir our mind a little, they are unintentional. At times, these images provoke and we react accordingly...

    Soon I will start do posting about our gardening adventure. The seedlings are still small, tomatoes are just coming to the fourth leaf and most are very small.

    I even germinate some of Gittan's seeds. The broad beans are fairly aggressive and beat the rest.

    Stay tune.
    Happy gardening, Cheers!


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