Friday, January 22, 2010

I walk to the front, this what I see.

I walk out the front door , this is what I normally see.... pleasing at times. It very much depends on my mood and the surroundings. It is fairly cool and very green with trees already maturing. The picture was taken around 9.00am, neighbours had gone to work, and I had my day off. Therefore the street was a little bit empty and quiet. The neighborhood is nice and friendly.

How's your neighborhood? 

~ bangchik


  1. Bangchik, your neighbourhood looks very nice, clean and green.

  2. Bangchik it looks like you live in a lovely residential area. I can see the quiet and beauty.

  3. I see brown grass and a dirt road and many trees in my neighborhood today. I like the look of that street. Nice.

  4. What a lovely peaceful looking street. So green, neat and clean. My country road is covered in snow just now!

  5. Dear Bangchik, Thank you so much for becoming my latest 'Follower'. I am a new Blotanist and the support of others is a great encouragement. I am returning the compliment of following.

    Although I am not a vegetable grower myself as my London garden is really very small, I do enjoy fresh produce. Never having visited Malaysia, your postings will give me an insight to Asian life. I look forward to them.

  6. Green leaves and trees! Oh how I miss green. LOL! What a beautiful street Bangchik.

  7. It looks like a lovely residential street. It's so nice to have trees around too. We don't have trees planted in the street but there are trees in peoples gardens.

  8. Your street looks very nice!

  9. What a pretty neighborhood you live in. Right now, my neighborhood is getting soaked with rain, so I will wait for another day to share a photo ;^)

  10. Lots of places to park my car when I come to visit you and see your garden.

    Thank goodness, Muslims do not drink.

  11. It's fun to see what your street looks like, very nice and clean. Right now when I look out I see lots of large evergreens and trees without leaves.

  12. It looks like a lovely neighbourhood ... I'm surrounded by bushland where I live so I don't see many houses or pavements here. Thanks for visiting my blog ... glad you enjoyed the photos of the crotons.

  13. Your neighbourhood looks like such a nice one!

    My neighbourhood is in a rural area...more and more houses are springing up around us. But there is still a lot of forest, and my neighbourhood is very green. In the summer, it smells like honeysuckle everywhere :D

    Great blog!

  14. Very pleasing, indeed, is the view of your street. A great place for a leisurely stroll, I would think. Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to include that stroll. Hank

  15. It's so nice to like your neighborhood. Your neighborhood looks nice and quiet. I live on a state highway-not much of a neighborhood and not very quiet.

  16. I think I'd love living in your neighborhood. Most of my neighbors aren't gardeners. But I like them anyway.

  17. Autumn Belle
    Rosey Pollen
    Edith Hope
    Hocking hills Gardener

    Dear friend bloggers and gardeners across the oceans. Thanks for the comments on neighbourhood.

    Good Neighbourhood.

    It is an important element in life. But we tend to get stuck with it. Having a good neighbourhood is a plus point in life. Good neighbourhood is not a coincidence, physical appearance yes, but the rest is out of our own doing.

    Cleaniness is ours. We contribute to its cleaniness and orderliness. We are capable of making the place messy and dirty as well.... haha. "Hello, Hi, Thanks, How are you..." are things that would make the place we live in as sweet, friendly and interesting...

    We, gardeners or not, are responsible to the feel of the neighbourhood.

    Happy helloing and thanking to folks around us.... Cheers!


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