Sunday, January 17, 2010

Papaya, the few odd ones.




 There is nothing wrong with my papaya plant..... The little fruits doesn't indicate the plant being sick or getting too old. It was last year prolonged dry spell that was causing this.  Our papaya plant reacted to the severe condition by producing little fruits, just to tell us it was still doing fine. It could have just stopped fruiting during the hot spell, leaving a gap and continue fruiting when the weather is favourable..... But papaya plant, love to please us, untiringly bloomed and bear fruits even though they are too small.

Your plants react to severe conditions too?



  1. Your papaya tree has a lot of fruit. Are the small ones also good to eat?

  2. Yummy!! Lucky you! Lovely to see it growing. ;) Carol

  3. the smaller fruit you can harvest for green papaya salad, i also cut them up and treat them like squash for my stir fries or soups...very nutritional

  4. hello got award for you a tiger awards...
    pls grab it if you like it...

    happy tiger of the yr...

    greetings from Sweden


  5. It would be nice to have any papaya fruit growing, no matter what the size. No chance of that here in the UK.

  6. wow those are some papaya's

  7. I'm waiting for a reaction from my plants from this harsh winter - not sure what will happen yet.

  8. The papaya is our ever faithful plant. They can live through many adverse conditions and they are always there to share our joys and sorrows.

  9. That is an interesting kind of reaction to adverse conditions!!!

  10. My baby papaya tree is now 2 feet tall. It may take a few months before I can enjoy the fruits.

    But I see my jagungs grow bigger and bigger.

  11. Dear Blogger Friends:-
    Green Iris

    Today is Sunday..., midday here. I just finished working on one of the vegetable bed. This time round, I refer heavily to online directories for info and guidance. I did come up with a suitable vegetable bed plan... working on it, portion by portion. Something like 50 little pots are ready to sound the alarm when seedlings appear.

    The concept is very much mixed kind of veggie. Tomatoes, petola, chili, basil, ginger, pak choy, parsley etc... The concept is a square foot for a kind..., so repetition of each or alternate. Tomato and petola will give some height to the patch. It may take a couple of weeks before the bed will take shape and worth displaying here as a post.

    Back to papaya. The small ones are very much edible..... cute and just as sweet. The plant is getting very tall.... Climbing up the 5 footer steps is of no real help, because I cant reach to the fruits. So I just poke and push with a long bamboo pole.. and catch as it fall. haha..... I miss sometimes...

    This papaya is a useful plant as Belle correctly mentioned. The fruits are no ending.... only size differs as we move through the various season and weather. But the taste remains as the most exquisite and exotic!!

    It is good also to see Rainfield getting into gardening, with papaya soon fruiting and jagung gaining height and size... I thought gardening and hiking which seems to be his favourite subject, are one. Both are dealing with nature, understanding them and appreciating biodiversity.

    Those in snowing regions, I guess had witnessed different kind of reaction to freezing temperature. Everything seems to come to a halt, and with increasing temperature and snow thawing, life will spring back, one by one..., taking turns to kick the life in them...

    We too, the humans react to a certain extent to the changing weather... Affecting our mood and enthusiasm. I guess so.

    I heard stories about stray cats... how the mother keep one or two kittens and leave the rest to die.... all because condition doesnt permit having all of them... Scarcity of food especially.

    Survival can sometime bring the worst in us..., but solutions available are very practical and straight forward, even if it is tough and cruel.

    Thank you!

    Have a great weekend everyone.


  12. Beautiful, the shape of the leaves & stems is amazing.

  13. I have never seen a papaya tree and never imaging that it looks like this. Just wanted to ask how you harvest, but you have already answered it.

  14. It is just so brilliant to see fruit and veg growing in a tropical climate! It is cold, dark and dismal here in London and your ray of tropical sunshine is just what I needed!

  15. Great photos of your Papaya tree with it's little fruits. yes weather is crucial to all our plants one way or another.

  16. Rebecca @ In The Garden

    >>>> Thanks everyone... the small fruit taste the same.. But somehow, it is handy in a way. Kakdah skinned the fruit, cut into half... wuaallla..., there was just one or two little black seed. We consumed in a gulp!


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