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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tiny little flowers of asin-asin

I have done a similar post last year about this plant. Its the flowers that attract me most, like little cups or saucers dangling. The leaves are edible, normally cooked with coconut milk, prawns and sweet potatoes. The young shoots are very tasty, best fried. The plant, two of them had been with us for quite sometime, regularly trimmed at 5 feet. Trimmed means the cut shoots and branches will end up in Kakdah's cooking pots!.

The flowers are really small and yet so special.
The arrangement is almost perfect!
and that is our asin-asin.



  1. do the leaves have any taste or are they spinach like?

  2. Now I'm hungry, that recipe sounds delicious! They are pretty little flowers.

  3. Yet another food I've never heard of! Sounds delicious because coconut milk and prawns are two of my favourite foods, so I'm sure I'd be gung ho to try this too.

  4. Oh wow, that is so cool and they sound delicious. The are quite unique.

  5. Oh, I would love to have that growing in my garden. The little flowers are so darling, lined up like polka dots all in a row. And it's an edible cutie, too! Thanks for introducing me to something so unique and lovely.

  6. Very interesting blooms, I was going to say they looked like little bells, but I think cup and saucers is good too.

  7. So delicate! I love your recipe! Prawns, sweet potatoes, coconut milk and this green (I will take your word for it for I have never tasted it.) Yummy. ;>))

  8. What a beautiful delicate plant! I agree with others too, the dish they go into sounds yum!

  9. Cups and saucers is a great way to describe the flowers.

  10. Asin-Asin, it sounds like the name of my neighbour.

    But I can find him in my garden as well.

  11. gosh! they look like'pretty maids in a row' to quote a rhyme! I like the plant.

  12. Dear blogging friends. Thanks for your kind and encouraging words.

    Tropical plants tend to be exotic, even these tiny flowers fit that description. The flowers are green initially and turn brown as they mature.

    It's the leaves that end up in Kakdah's cooking pot. The younger shoots will be more tasty and crunchier....

    So Rainfield has a neighbour by the same name, and a plant by the same name too in his garden... haha... Just like Roselle, fits as the name of beautiful girl but growing in my garden as exotic plants with red stems and fruits.

    Maybe someday I will show how the leaves are used in Kakdah's kitchen, step by step.

    Have a great day everyone.

    ~bangchik and kakdah

  13. They remind me of little decorative buttons! So cute.


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