Friday, December 24, 2010

Banana updates.

 a close-up of banana leaves
type: pisang ayam or chicken banana from Jertih.

at the front of the left veranda with the compound a lot greener than before.
 the two banana plants when we first planted them a month ago. 
they were then so tiny on a compound that was quite bare and red.

Banana plants (pisang ayam variety)  had been with us for about a month. They were tiny when we put them into the designated holes. The compound was red and bare then. Now things are changing, the turf  is closing up the gap and the banana plants are growing up, showing their true wide and big leaves. Generally banana takes a year to bear fruit, therefore we are looking forward to see the cool canopy soon created by banana plants and large fruits by the end of next year..

Earlier post on banana:.
bangchik and kakdah
kebun di Tanah Merah


  1. Banana plants are wonderful. And I know you're on the other side of the world when the date reads Dec.'s the future from where I'm at and you're growing bananas.....excellent. I can't get these guys to grow for me because the wind is so strong here....:(

  2. Your banana plants are doing well. I fed mine a handful of bonemeal mixed with the compost, and the plant is doing well.

  3. These 2 baby banana plants are doing great! They will really create a cool and tropical enviroment near your balcony!

  4. I love fruit trees but have never tried to plant a banana tree. Someone told me that banana tree can be very messy as it only gives you fruit once and you have to chop it then. The baby trees will grow beside the mama tree and the cycle continues.. your land must be spacious for them (??). Also, a lot of people have been saying that spirits love to stay inside the banana flower.. Don't know how true is it? Just something to share, not meant to scare you, LOL.
    Happy weekend.

  5. rohrerbot
    Thanks for the visit. I would say the same to the Japanese. They get sun earlier, so must so that Japan is sometimes known as Land of the rising sun.

    Thanks for the info. Mine has always been poultry fertiliser pellets. In this monsoon season, fertiliser has to be dug into the soil to avoid being washed away.

    It is going to bee cool in a few months time. Kakdah is really worried if the plants are attacked by caterpillars or other pests..., then balcony will no more be a nice place to rest...

    Banana bear fruit once, that's completely true.... But we dont have to replant, because the babies are queuing to make appearance, in fact we have to chop some out. It better be the nice, kind spirit that brings luck and happiness.. haha.

    ~bangchik and kakdah
    Tanah Merah, Kelantan.

  6. Hi B & K,
    I saw many banana plants in Mexico a few weeks ago...along with mangoes, papayas and guavas...Oh My! :)
    All of which made me wished I lived in the tropics like you! Wishing you many delicious bunches on that sappling. Happy Holidays to your family.

  7. Pampering from the monsoon rainwater has certainly made your banana plants grow rapidly. When the rain stop, the foliages will be the perfect umbrella against the sun.

  8. lynn'sgarden
    I can understand your wish to live in the tropical area.... No guava in my garden, just papaya and banana with a glimpse of tropical paradise. Merry Christmas to you....

    Malay-Kadazan girl
    It is wet day, after day, a condition loved by banana... In a couple of months time, the umbrella will provide shade.... then big bunch of fruits by the end of the year.

    ~bangchik and kakdah


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