Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cabbage: updates on growth stage.

cabbage 1

cabbage 2

cabbage 3

cabbage 4

cabbages in a row.

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Mon, May 03, 2010 ~The progress of 4 cabbages.

At this stage I really find it difficult to count the number of leaves on each. A rough estimate will point the stage of growth at number 6 or cupping. A little cabbage head is about to form in the middle. I have been trying hard to refrain my inquisitive childhood mind from disturbing the inner leaves to ensure it is really the cabbage head, each plant is crowning at the center.  Now the earliest pair  leaves had dried. It is fascinating to see the drying process of cabbage leaves. The change is so gradual that we dont realise it, until we lift the leaves up, to see the underneath. The leaves just dry off and shrink to a thin material, almost like light brown tissue paper.

Cabbage growth stages
Stage 1: Cotyledon (seed leaves). No true leaves present.
Stage 2: Seedling, up to 5 true leaves
Stage 3: 6-8 true leaves
Stage 4: 9-12 true leaves. Base of stem is still visible from above.
Stage 5: Precupping (approximately 13 - 19 leaves).
By the end of this stage, the base of the stem and the bases of all leaves are concealed when  the plant is viewed from above. The innermost  heart leaves are growing in an upright fashion and are visible without moving any of the leaves. 
Stage 6: Cupping (approximately 20 - 26 leaves)
The innermost heart leaves which are still growing in an upright fashion are concealed by the larger, older leaves surrounding them. All visible leaves will later become the frame leaves (leaves not touching the mature head) of the mature plant.
Stage 7: Early Head Formation 2.5 - 4" diameter head
Stage 8: Head Fill 3 - 8" diameter head 
Stage 9: Mature 6 -12" diameter head 


  1. Wow! So many cute cabbages!

  2. Your cabbages are gorgeous! The color and form is spectacular, and I really like the effect of each having their own pot. I don't see a flaw on any of them! You're obviously a fantastic gardener!

  3. I never knew cabbage could be this beautiful.

  4. I didn't know that cabbages had stages, but you've staged them well in your pix and post! Very nice.

  5. Cabbages could be very ornamental... fortunately, they change by the time they are ready to be eaten. Otherwise, we would be reluctant to eat such beauties! Great pictures Bangchik!

  6. AaronVFT
    Just four of them, not too many.. haha. On economic term it is not profitable to grow four, adding up the cost of water and my precious time. But the experience is invaluable!

    Thanks Erin, beautiful indeed. The leaves are glossy, almost like kale or kailan.

    Thanks for the compliments. I am the gardener, yes, but the plant has to grow by themselves and put shield against disease and pests. We depend a lot on nature...


  7. Ocean Girl
    They seem to be beautiful at this stage, but I have been warned about the different look when they are about to be harvested.

    This is my first attempt at growing cabbage. I search through the internet, and the growth is described as having 9 different stage.

    Thanks Tatyana.., i hope they stay beautiful until harvest.


  8. comel pulak tengok kobis dalam pasu... hehehe... Maria ingat kat tempat2 yg suhu macam kat cameron highland je kobis boleh hidup... hehehe nampak sangat kurang ilmu lagi :D

  9. ejaMaria
    Apa nak heran sangat Maria.., carrot dan anggur pun mahu tumbuh di Putrajaya. ~bangchik

  10. Beautiful Cabbages in a row with expensive china pots.

  11. Tabib
    Those pots are not expensive Tabib, the price just average.. ~bangchik

  12. this is beautifullll.... ^_^

  13. Cath J
    Thanks Cath.., cabbage has a circular formation. ~bangchik

  14. This is information I was looking for - do the newest leaves grow on the inside?

    1. yes, once the cabbage head start to develope, new leaves grow inside, not for us to see.....


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