Monday, May 10, 2010

at last, cucumber is growing

Three cucumber seedlings

cucumber seedling

cucumber seedlings

cucumber seedlings

cucumber seedlings

I almost gave up with cucumber. It must have been 4 or 5 attempts that I have to go through with zero success. The seeds simply refuse to germinate. Last week, I bought fresh cucumber seeds from a nursery in Bangi. That very same day, little pots were prepared for germination. Seeds were placed sideways quarter an inch into the soil. Within a week, they came out just nice. I am trying to figure out what are things that I did right this time..... Three seeds, and three seedlings coming out. So 100 % success this time. This is just the interim success, the journey is still long. Anything can happen after transplanting onto vegetable bed, until the plants are able to flower and produce green cucumber....
 I already have in mind the shape of trellis for these cucumber and the location where cucumber should grow.
Stay tune.....
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 bangchik and kakdah
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  1. Seeds that will not germinate is so frustrating. You don't know if it is what you are doing or the seeds. It may have been the seeds in this case. These seedlings look great. I have got to get mine started so thanks for the reminder LOL!

  2. One thing to remember about germinating cucumbers is that unless the soil is at least 65F nearly constantly, they won't germinate. You can plant them, they don't germinate, and then all of a sudden when the soil begins to stay at 65F, they will germinate. I ended up with a pot where I had planted about a dozen cucumber seeds over a period of three plantings in five weeks all germinate at the same time. That's when I learned about the 65F soil temp. Now that it's getting warmer, they will begin to grow like weeds!

  3. Congrats! They say the third time is a charm. Keep us posted on the progress.

  4. It is amazing how something so small can produce so much!
    I have one tomato turning red and I can't wait to try it. My vines are getting so big that I do need stakes for my stakes.

  5. It is very exciting when seeds germinate. I am amazed every time. I look forward to seeing your cucumbers growing on the vine.

  6. Nice progress Bangchik! Love to see how cucumber 'grow up'. Have fun transfering them to their plots later.

  7. How wonderful that they sprouted for you!! It is so very disappointing when seeds don't cooperate. I look forward to the progress of these 3 little ones.

  8. Looking fwd to see ur cucumbers Bangchik!
    Kakdah - Happy Mother's day to u!!!

  9. Oh! So cute! Can't wait to see them grow and flower and fruit!

  10. best nye... saya baru nak belajar buat backyard garden... seronok membaca kat sini...

  11. Look at those little sweeties! I just plant my cucumbers in the ground when it is warm enough. Maybe if I tried plants, I would get cucumbers earlier, though. I just hope we get warm weather soon.

    Enjoy your cucumbers! I hope they do well for you.

  12. I do not remember I have successfully harvested any cucumber before.

  13. Congrats! I can imagine how happy you are with the seedlings...

  14. Thanks everyone for your visits and encouraging comments.

    Gardening has its ups and downs. We can never predict what's going to happen with germination. I am lucky this time. On flashback, I would pinpoint to better potting soil, good seeds and slightly cooler temperature. Nature would formulate all the parameters and trigger the much waited germination.

    I hope they will grow, and produce fruits later.



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