Thursday, July 21, 2011

pineapple express

We grew pineapples, but so far no fruits. I am not very particular about going all out to get decent harvest. The four plants we have serve well as another landscape element. They are spiky with exotic patterns and very ornamental. They provide slight deviation from otherwise complete green and green all over the garden.

Farmers will take side shoots as seedlings. I took the crown at the top of pineapples as seedlings. Crowns are not the best option for serious pineapple growers. But it's enough to fulfill the intended purpose.... being ornamental. So crowns are not pineapple express...., they will just grow and there is no telling when the fruits will appear.

I read somewhere about pineapple express, which in fact is about  meteorological phenomenon occurring  around Hawaiian Islands extending to any location along the Pacific coast of North America .  Its  actually atmospheric river, water vapour transported over a narrow corridor in the air.

I am waiting for the four pineapple  plants 
to speed up on the express lane for fruits extravaganza!

bangchik and kakdah


  1. Loh, ingatkan pineapple express macam dalam cita pineapple express tuh...takut dibuatnya baca title je...hehe

  2. Perhaps they make beautiful bromeliad exotic plant?
    That what happen to most my pineapple plant - or er, like a plastic unmovable stay there ornament plant thingy...

  3. Salam Bangchik n KakDah, we keep 're-cycling' the first 5 pineapple that we grew 10 years ago,using the,they are always there in the backyard. Yes, they take longer to produce fruit, but they do.And very good I must add. It just that we have to compete for them with the squirrels!!
    And Bangchik,thanks for including my blog in your gardening directory walaupun sangatlah tidak layak....

  4. I don't know about the others, but it takes me about 18 months from the day I planted the crown till the day I eat the juicy yummy fruit!

  5. Would be nice if I can grow the pineapple here in Japan too... :)

  6. HI Bangchik, happy Sunday. I have seen the very wide plantations in Hawaii of the 'Smooth Cayenne' pineapple, and they are now in our country. However, i have the pineapple not used for commerce for their fruits. It is very ornamental also and used for their fiber. You should see it in my previous post.

  7. mahfudz mn
    ~ an effort to relate plants to other things. sometimes sweet, sometimes scary.

    James Missier
    ~ yeap, pineapples stay there like royal guards..... charming.

    ~ thanks for the visit.

    ~ I did that with roselle, okra, winged beans.... one generation after another. It's ages with pineapples.

    kitchen flavours
    ~ 15 months, that long? It's only seven months here...

    ~ you can grow apples there as compensation. pineapples is ours!

    ~ I have seen ornamental pineapples, with fruits so small... no bigger that our fists.


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