Saturday, October 16, 2010

Other elements with Three Sisters.

Too early to tell passersby about my Three Sisters. haha. We can only see corns and some other little plants. It's about self seeding, the great powerful element in survival. Most plants do not really need men to grow them. They are able to handle themselves, to grow, to flower, to bear fruits. Very funny with my little vegetable garden, because for most veggies, mother plants never have a chance to see their own babies growing.

a close up of three sisters: corns growing well, but the other two,
winged beans and pumpkin are not really there yet.
Weeds, amaranth all over. Time to get up and do weeding!

Now these are babies within my own Three Sister plot. Corns the main players, winged beans has not appeared yet, pumpkin remains at  second pair of leaves and not getting any bigger. I know, I am going to have problem...


  1. Dear Bangchik, I am so sorry your pumpkins are causing you to worry. They germinated so beautifully. I was looking forward to seeing the fruits as the coloring is so different from the orange ones here. I hope they pick up. Pam

  2. yes Bangchik, you have been harvesting good fruits in the past, so maybe this time will be the low season. Farmers are like that, sometimes high sometimes low. And those 3 corns, maybe only 33.3% will give you fruits. But at that stage you can still interfere with them and you will still have your good harvest. Good luck.

  3. Happy to see your corns grown well..

    Today I harvested sweet corns and enjoyed the taste with my family.

    I hope for your great harvest too.

  4. Best wishes with your Three Sisters. I hope the pumpkin surprises you!

  5. Thanks Darla, Pam, Andrea, takaeko and Rebecca.

    No more weeds now, all picked. Corns are growing well, a few inches taller everyday. Corns are behaving so well almost in chorus, that they bend towards the walkway, as if bowing towards the sunset...

    Pumpkin disappeared, no where to be seen, not the leaves not even the stump.

    Winged beans are taking their own sweet time. They will decide for themselves when to break free from the tough seed coats.



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