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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

HIBISCUS: merry go round.

Eight o'clock in the morning  is rather early for serious things.
But that is the only  time I have
 to take pictures for the day.
Somehow early morning has some effect
on density and mode of colours.
Like babies after a long sound sleep.
It's sweet and bright!!

hibiscus picture 1

hibiscus picture 2

hibiscus picture 3

hibiscus picture 4

hibiscus picture 5

hibiscus picture 6

hibiscus picture 7

hibiscus, a true tropical flower.

bangchik and kakdah


  1. your hibiscus is so beautiful in the early morning light...while the one off to one side of "my" patio (at apartment)is definitely very sick! when I first moved in a year and a half ago...she was full of leaves and blossoms, then the yard maintenance men came and brutally wacked her up...she's been gravely and probably terminally ill ever since! So sad because her few blooms are still lovely and the lizards love running up and down her branches and sitting in the small amount of shade she now affords! so I enjoy your hibiscus immensely!

    1. Theanne
      Hibiscus is quite a survivor, and it can stand both extreme: the wettest and the driest of soil. So bad that your maintenance men hurt the hibiscus.

  2. They are such beautiful flowers - so delicate looking.

    1. flowers always look lovely early in the morning...

  3. yes delicate and lovely in the wind.

    1. with such long stalk, hibiscus will dance gracefully in the wind.

  4. Lovely hibiscus photos in early morning!

    1. Like us too Malar, fresh and neat early in the morning.

  5. Replies
    1. thanks.... the only plant apart from Ulam Raja that keep giving out flowers everyday.


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