Thursday, October 28, 2010

A slanting marigold, has its own story.

To tell story beyond germinating, fertilizing, harvesting and watering is somewhat tale in nature. But I really have to share this. Just a simple marigold and its connection with the surroundings. Marigolds here grow so tall and bushy that the weight pull the plant down, almost resting on the ground. But the shoots respond well, after the initial bending, they shoot straight towards the sky. The leaves are low, brushing against the grass. The smell of marigolds must have have travel far, that every night snails will crawl and sniff around for the lovely leaves. Whenever I walk around the plant at night, there is always that familiar breaking sound under my sandals. I know some snails fail in their mission.

Marigold, big and bushy succumb to the test of wind, 
and stay that way for a month. Shoots as always turn 
towards the sky.

marigold still flowering. snails crawl up from the fallen branches 
and munch leaves. from past experience they really love 
young marigolds, and clean the whole plant the same night. 
Old marigold as in the picture is too much for them. 
I am sure they make nightly return
for a lovely snack.

For a month in that position, the shoots are fully bent 
to point towards the sky.



  1. didn't realize that marigolds were slug always your plant looks very strong and healthy...even growing sideways...interesting

  2. Wow, your Marigold is tall and strong like a tree! I am amazed!!

  3. Your Marigolds look like a tree! So healthy and lush! I'm sure The Marigold seeds will enjoy Kelantan

  4. Hi Bangchik, The same thing happened to my cosmos an Zinnia. After a while, they look good in that position. When upright, they become spindly.

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  6. I hate the sound of crunching snail shell underfoot - it makes me feel SO guilty - don't really know why!

  7. I suffered snails this summer. But they've gone from my garden as climate in Japan is getting cold.

  8. Theanne and Baron~ marigolds here are slug magnets. I have seen a foot marigold hugged by more than 20 snails at night. The next day, the only thing left was the stump.

    rainfield61~ yes rainnie, everything seems to be basking under the sun, except us Malaysians... always with sunglasses or topi.. haha.

    milka~ The highest was something like 5 feet. With stake, marigold may retain its uprightness.

    kitchen flavours~ There are lots of examples in the garden, meant for us human beings. From marigolds - "never give up".

    Malar ~ the plant is really tall. it tries hard to compete with my height.

    One ~ So far Ulam Raja which is also a cosmos, can shoot up to 10 feet and stay upright even with the strongest wind. Zinnia will never stay upright, unless we grow them as a cluster where one will support the other.

    Green Lane Allotments ~ yes, i do agree with you, on that guilty feeling.

    takaeko ~ our weather is season-less, so snails become permanent residents on most gardens.

    Thanks everyone for the visits and comments. Growing marigolds is fun, with its green foliage and its ability to attract snails/slugs from far. Its yellow flowers are beautiful.

    ~bangchik and kakdah

  9. So interesting Bangchik, when I think of marigolds I think of small bright inexpensive annuals that are planted by many people in beds and pots for summer months. They are completely different (& much more glorious!) in your climate. :)

  10. Rebecca @ In The Garden ~ not all marigolds will grow tall, lush and heavy. I saw dwarf marigolds all over Putrajaya, probably mine is the giant type.


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